1 year + 8 months (20 months)


Look at me trying to be on top of things. I guess that’s part of the bonus of the nesting phase… it’s basically a get sh’t done period before you lose sight of what time and day it is. Not that being a SAHM helps that… I still struggle with knowing the days and usually only my late night TV reminds me. Oh Dance Moms is on? Must be Tuesday!


Anyway, so Palmer is 20 months today. It’s so crazy because that little two makes her sound SOOOO old. Speaking of two, that’s her new favorite word. Erin always throws her onto the bed and counts, 1….. 2…… 3….. and Palmer always joins in at two and then squeals at 3 so it’s really the only number she knows. She does know that she has one nose, two ears and two eyes. She tells us all the time. If you ask her how many cars are in the parking lot? Two. How many blueberries do you want? Two. I should work on counting next.

Palmer (L) and I (R) rocking yellow babiators 30 years apart

I swear this child is growing like a weed. She’s being going through this phase, it could totally just be that she’s a toddler and crazy, but lots of attitude and thankfully lots of naps. She is still taking at least two naps a day! I attribute it to the growth but surprisingly, I looked at her height ruler to update it this month and nothing has changed. Her foot size is skyrocketing though. We are going through sizes like crazy. Poor child is going to have monster feet.

It seems like she’s cutting down on eating sometimes. This is incredibly surprising because she’s basically a garbage disposal and will take down anything and everything but lately I’ve noticed her leaving behind food. She’s simply full, which is fine by me. At least she knows when she’s had enough.



Outside of the eating and growing, she’s been super super sweet lately. It’s adorable how she runs up to us to give us kisses or will just stand near me and hug my legs. It’s the best. Sometimes she will give my bare baby belly a kiss before sticking her finger in my belly button and saying, ooooooooh, like the pillsbury dough boy. She’s also into snuggling. Erin gets most of the snuggles on the couch as we watch some late night Sofia the First right before bed.


Oh cutest thing ever… Erin has been teaching P to cook and involving her in kitchen activities. Bless his heart because I’m still trying to have the patience to do that but she LOVES it. She helps him make scrambled eggs in the morning and even made a garlic butter the other day. She got to put in the spices (aka – throw the spices all over the ground). She’s freaking adorable. I’m thinking about making one of those little chef stands for her to help out in the kitchen. Way safer than the stool we are currently using!


“uh oh” – palmer

Her current obsessions are Tyson and the toilet. I can handle the Tyson thing, except I hate when she feeds him her food. Tyson is really starting to warm up to her with all these handouts she’s giving him. The toilet thing… yuck. Like we have to be soooo careful to make sure the bathroom door is shut and/or the toilet seat is down because she will make a beeline for it and splash her little hands in it. She also loves putting her babies in water. Mickey was the latest victim to this yuckiness and, unfortunately for him, he did not get to go in the bath and instead was thrown face down into the toilet. Ew.

Two more months until new baby gets here and FOUR more months until this little girl turns TWO!! Can you believe it? I’m thinking relatively low key 2nd birthday this year lol


3 thoughts on “1 year + 8 months (20 months)

  1. Mary Mack says:

    Hey Hey looks like you Audrey. Really see it now. Lordy time does fly. Where is that baby

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