Well it was beyond disgustingly hot this weekend (and continues into this week). Seriously Arizona… not cool. It hit 118. Do you know what happens when it gets that hot? People get hurt. Planes can’t take off or land. Can we please just go back to 109? I can manage that weather… not 118. I mean… let’s be honest. It’s not even July yet. Today is technically the first day of summer and we are already beyond melting. It’s miserable.

Anyway……… We didn’t let the heat get the best of us this weekend. Instead, we all got together to celebrate new baby with a little sprinkle shower.


Everything was seriously so cute. I’m such a bonehead and only took a few pictures with my phone. What the heck?? Why didn’t I bring my nice camera? Oh yeah… because I’m pregnant and forgot my mind back in early November.



winning baby.

We played a couple fun games. The guests made little playdoh babies and then I picked a winner. It was tough to pick because they were all pretty cute, well… most of them. I ended up picking a baby with lots of details (it had a tiny bow) that my mom made. It was pretty cute and I still have no idea how she made the eyes that small. My man hands would never allow me to create something so delicate.


We also played a game where a tiny baby is frozen in an ice cube. You are supposed to watch your drink and when your baby breaks free from the ice cube, shout “MY WATER BROKE” and you win a prize. No one yelled it super loud (is that embarrassing to yell?? lol) but we ultimately had a winner. She babies then just floated around in the drink, which was slightly creepy but totally amused me.

The food was delish. At Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower, she had Taco Bell crunchy tacos and McDonalds cheeseburgers. Since I’m basically Chrissy Teigen-cool, we had some fast-food deliciousness too – Chick-n-minis. If you haven’t had them, I’m sorry. They are little nuggets stuffed into the most delicious mini biscuit and then you coat them in Chick-fil-A sauce which is basically some blend of BBQ sauce/mustard/heaven and then you eat like 50 of them. It was bomb. We also had mini quiches (sooo good), pigs in a blanket (insert heart emojis), and cucumber sandwiches. I seriously had like 5 cucumber sandwiches. Everything was good.


The main highlight was definitely the ice cream sundae bar with the most delicious toppings ever. I even got my own pint of Coldstone’s Cake Batter Batter Batter (cake batter ice cream with cookie dough and brownie bits) ice cream. Yum. I added a ton of sprinkles, caramel, fudge and double-stuffed oreo bits. It was delicious and the perfect treat for a hot Arizona day. Speaking of… I have the pint in the fridge right now and might need to have a little afternoon snack!


Of course we were showered with lots of sweet gifts from family and friends. We got a bunch of matching sister outfits, which was pretty cute. I thought Palmer would be more into opening up the gifts but she wasn’t. She clearly missed a naptime and spent most of gift opening yelling and running down the hallway. Meh. My MIL made an adorable quilt (pictured above) that she freehand drew the animals and then cut them out and quilted it all together.


Everyone left with a little funfetti cupcake in a mason jar. I’m silly and didn’t take a photo of it so that’s kind of sad but it was adorable and yummy.

Now I have lots of thank you cards to start preparing starting with my wonderful hostess. She always says she’s not crafty but I am starting to believe there is a little crafty elf hidden inside of her because everything was adorable. It won’t be long until she’s busting out felt bows and seasonal wreaths.


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