Why Super Target Is My Favorite Place Ever

Take a minute and think of your favorite place.

Does it involve fresh air? A nice cool breeze? Maybe up in the mountains or on a sandy beach? Ice cold beverage in your hand?

Yeah, that’s nice. My favorite place is a little different, and luckily located 5 minutes from my house.

It’s a beautiful brick building with a giant bullseye on the side, inviting you to come into a one stop paradise of savings. Ice cold drink? Yeah, they have it. I prefer the Icee swirl of white cherry and blue raspberry but if a Starbucks iced coffee is more your style, they have you covered too. Cool breeze? Can you find anything cooler than the Dyson Bladeless fan that can go from a chilly gust of air to a nice blanket of warmth in just seconds?


They are open every day. Cold air conditioning (a lifesaver in Arizona). A perfect escape from reality where I can peruse aisles of soft blankets, scented candles, and 50 frozen pizza options – three must haves for the perfect date in my book!


we definitely didn’t buy that bunny.

You have kids? Excellent! Give your kids a toy while you get lost in the curtains section, only to return it to the cashier at the end of your visit. Win-Win. Each trip is slightly different but I hit almost the same sections. These are my favorites:


Target Dollar Section

I’m almost amazed at some of the incredible finds in this section. They are all wayyy too good to pass by so at least a couple go in my cart. Did I need this leaning chalkboard? No but I *might* use it at some point and it’s only $1! This is the best area to find rewards for your child. Bubbles, bath books, cute kids sunglasses. Have you received a gift from me in the past year? Then you most likely received it in one of this section’s awesome $1 gift bags filled with $3 tissue paper. There is NO way I’m spending $4.99 on a Spritz bag (unless there is a Cartwheel deal associated with it).


Clearance End Cap in Baby Section

This has only been a recent discovery but it’s a good one! If people buy baby stuff online and return it to the store, it more than likely will end up on this end cap. Little treasures tucked away. I’ve found tons of little mocc shoes for Palmer in this section for next to nothing. A couple weeks ago I found a City Select for $340! I bought a Medela PISA car charger here for like $5. Sometimes they even just have diapers here – Honest, Pampers, Huggies. Super cheap! Always worth a look!


Pretend Room Setups

Do you want to pretend like your living in a cute little, perfectly accessorized living space? Awesome. Me too. Take a break and sit in their decorated set ups throughout the store. I’m pretty partial to the living room set ups, especially when it’s a cozy . You’ll get some strange stares as you prop your feet onto a cushy, fur covered ottoman but don’t worry about it. You’re in your personal paradise and no one is going to take this away from you. Not random Target shoppers. Not even your screaming toddler.


Semi-Handmade Craft Aisle

Everything you could think of to Pinterest the crap out of your house. It’s basically every base of every pinned project. You can find chalk paint, wooden crates, wooden everything, washi tape, felt, cute little projects to do with your kids… seriously everything. It’s like a mini Hobby Lobby. I love the little wooden letters. I bought some for Palmer’s first birthday party, painted them, tied some ribbon on them and it turned out adorable.

So, next time you are looking for a little escape after being trapped inside with a toddler throwing a tantrum, load up the car and spend a solid hour going through the aisles at Target with a delicious Icee in hand. Bonus points if you are 32 weeks pregnant.

Eta: This is in no way sponsored by Target. I seriously just love it that much and wanted to express my true passion for it! ๐Ÿ™‚


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