Weekend Wrapup – ‘Mmmerica Edition


This weekend was a BLAST! We took advantage of some incredible weather (I’m talking low-ish 100s) so we hung out at Erin’s parents house for swimming and BBQing.

First I want to address a huge, exciting thing… Palmer was the sweetest child ever this weekend. Like happy, fun, sweet, cuddly, not as many tantrums… it certainly helped to make the weekend one of the best we’ve had. Even despite only taking one nap a day, she was a total angel.


Anyways, Saturday was a super cute family day. We hung out, swam, noshed on food and had delicious greek food for dinner. Palmer had so much fun swimming! Unfortunately, she’s not a huge fan of her floatie. Speaking of floaties, she can say floatie but she saying floabie instead… it’s adorable. She prefers for Erin to let her be free and swim around the pool with her. We need to get her into swim lessons ASAP. She’s a little fish.


Oh and for dessert, Palmer had her first s’more! I had the brilliant idea of wanting a fire when it was still pretty hot outside so it was gross and sweaty by the fire. Erin got really cranky (he gets super cranky when he’s hot lol) so he cooled off in the pool while I enjoyed the most delicious s’more ever. Palmer liked hers too but was a total mess. We had to take her for a dip in the pool to rinse off (aka – Arizona summer shower).

Sunday was lazy. We literally did nothing. I seriously can’t remember what we did but I know it was spent at home.


We planned to go back over to Erin’s parent’s house for the 4th of July since their balcony is the perfect place to see a couple different big firework shows downtown. It was a lot of fun. We made brats, hot dogs (so good), deviled egg potato salad, and french onion dip. Then we played in the pool for awhile. I was brave and allowed someone other than Erin to see me in a bikini as we had our friends and their baby over for 4th of july fun too. ๐Ÿ™‚


The boys were indulging in the kid’s wild side and took them boogie boarding (they held on to them). I have to admit, I was terrified. Palmer loved every second of it. I know for sure I have my hands full with this one…


We finished up the night with the fireworks show, the best pies from Rock Springs, s’mores (made on the grill instead – much better idea), and sparklers. It was the perfect ending to a 3-day family weekend!



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