Target Haul – Baby Sale!!


So this weekend I took advantage of the amazing baby sale going on at Target and stocked up on some serious diapers. I may have mentioned I’m a bit of a Target fanatic. From their amazing Pillowfort kid’s collection to just being the best one-stop shop for moms, I freaking love this place.

Erin said last week, ummm is Target paying you for all the times you mention them on your blog? I said uh no lol I wish! I did basically get paid to shop there this weekend though and I stocked the heck up!

Another amazing thing I love about Target is their gift card promos. I usually take advantage of them for diapers since I’m there all the time. I like to combine that with the Cartwheel app for maximum savings. Well this week they were offering Pampers on sale for 10% off through Cartwheel, plus a $10 if you bought 2 packs. The kicker – if you spent $150 or more on baby stuff, you received a $25 gift card back. WHAT? This was music to my ears as I needed to pick up the last couple things off my registry and just received my 15% registry completion coupon last week. Stacking coupons like a boss.

So with your registry coupon, you can use it once in store and once online so I did just that. Yes, I know I’m still spending a bunch of money but it’s money I was going to spend anyway, especially on diapers when new baby gets here, so it was worth it in the end.

So what did I get?

In-store haul #1:
70 baby hangers
2 Aden & Anais burpy bibs
6 baby bath towels
New Shower curtain
Big Sister Bag (details on this to come soon!)
Additional Big Sister Gift
New clothes hamper for Palmer
2 packs Pampers Swaddlers – N
2 packs Pampers Swaddlers – 1
Miscellaneous grocery items

Grand Total: $234 (applied registry discount and received $45 in gift cards)

Online haul:
2 packs Pampers Swaddlers – 1
2 pack of Knit Crib Sheets
Convertible Bed Rail for Palmer
200 milk storage bags

Grand Total: $38 (I applied the gift cards I had – like $109 worth – plus the registry discount and received another $35 in gift cards)

In-store haul #2:
2 packs Pampers Swaddlers – N
4 packs Pampers Swaddlers – 2
10 hangers
2 mens t-shirts (obviously non-baby related lol)

Grand Total: $107 (I applied $45 in gift cards for this purchase and we received $55 in gift cards back!)

So that’s it… 12 packs of diapers, plus all the remaining items on our registry, Palmer’s big sister gift, AND some random miscellaneous purchases came out to be less than $400 OOP and we still have the $55 in gift cards remaining for future Target runs. Yesssss! It may sound like a lot OOP but if you actually break down the cost of the diapers, we saved a bunch of money.

The only things I have left to pick up are a belly bandit, another set of waterproof mattress pads, Milk Snob cover, and new baby’s baby book (which I’m picking up with some credits from my recent Instagram contest win). With just a month or so left before new baby is scheduled to be here, it feels good to be nearly ready!

PS – This whole Target haul has gotten me obsessed with Target couponing. I joined a Target couponing group on Facebook and I’m loving watching people post all their savings. Don’t expect me to be an extreme couponer but I do find the whole thing fascinating. This week’s hot items?? Hot Pockets. No joke. lol


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