Big Sibling Hospital Gift


I have been excited about putting together a special gift for Palmer to receive in the hospital when new baby is born. I wasn’t quite sure of what to do. I don’t really think Palmer really understand the new baby is coming. I talk to her about it a lot and try and encourage her to touch my belly/talk to the baby but she’s not interested.

We moved all the diaper stuff to new baby’s room awhile back and we talked to her about who would be living in there. She knows new baby’s name but wasn’t super interested in talking about her at all until recently. Now when we go to change her diaper, I’ll ask her “Who’s room is this?” and she will say the baby’s name.

We wanted to make sure Palmer felt special during this big transition so we decided we wanted to get her a hospital gift. Tbh, I think it’s kind of weird to pretend like the baby is giving it to the older sibling. Instead, I like to look at it as a distraction technique while visiting us in the hospital. Will it work? Who knows… but it’s worth a shot.

So where do I start looking for inspiration for said “big sister bag”? Pinterest of course. I found 3 great resources.

1 | 2 | 3

They had a couple things I liked in common:

  • Snacks
  • Coloring Books
  • Puzzles/Games
  • Baby Stuff

So as I went to Target (duh) to find everything I needed to make Palmer’s bag. Ultimately, I ended up with 2 gifts. The bag and a special helper gift. I really wanted to buy a camera for her to take pictures of her new baby sister but Erin said she’s way to young to figure it out. I think she could it out but oh well. She also has a lot of the big sister books at home so I couldn’t really find any to put in her bag. I think we’ll be alright. Maybe I’ll just pack one of her favorites in there. She won’t know the difference at 22 months.

Ultimately, her bag is comprised of:

  • Minnie Mouse Coloring Book (found at Michaels)
  • Crayons
  • Ballerina Puzzle
  • Snacks (this kid loves to eat)
  • Big Sister Book
  • Light Up Balls – a Target bargain area favorite
  • Owl Backpack/Bag

I didn’t originally plan on buying something else but I stumbled upon this special helper gift while browsing the aisles and couldn’t resist. Palmer loves taking care of her babies and when I saw this 5-piece set, I knew we needed it. I thought it might be nice for her to mimic me while I’m taking care of new baby. The set includes a crib, bouncer, car seat, high chair and a baby carrier. I’m super excited to show it to her because I know she’ll absolutely love it.

So that’s it! That’s our take on a new sibling gift. I plan to pack it with the rest of our hospital bag stuff to make sure it’s there for each day she visits. I don’t know how well she’ll interact with the new baby in the beginning so these items will provide an extra layer of fun while we bond together as a family in the hospital.


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