“Hands Down” Best Early Birthday Party EVER


When we found out that we were expecting a new addition to our family, and the due date was 8/22, I was both super excited and sort of bummed. I had always dreamed of an August baby. I had always hoped my kids would be August babies and that Erin and I could do a big family birthday vacation every year since our birthdays are also in August. When I realized the due date was 8/22, and a scheduled c-section would likely fall on either the 15th or 16th, I realized Erin’s 30th birthday would be overshadowed.

I immediately knew we needed to celebrate it earlier because I would most likely be a heavy, tired, cranky mess the closer we got to the due date but I was not sure of what we could do to make this a special day for him. Then one day, I was checking out Facebook and an event popped up into my newsfeed… the Taste of Chaos Tour with Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday. Are you kidding me?? Two of Erin’s favorite bands in ONE PLACE?? Yes please.

So I sent it to Erin to see if he was interested and, of course, he was totally geeking out… so much so that after a couple (maybe more) drinks with friends, he decided to move forward with the tickets and even bought the “Hands Down” – Ultimate Dashboard Confessional Experience, which included a private acoustic performance by Chris Carrabba.

Fast forward to last night – the night of the show!! We left early to make sure we got to the “Dashboard Lounge” in time. Erin’s face the entire time was like a kid on Christmas. It was adorable. We got some drinks (well… water for me) and waited for the show to start. Then one of the organizers said we would have the opportunity for photos and autographs before the show. I think at that point, Erin lost his damn mind. Minutes later, we were taking pictures with Chris (you know, now we’re on a first name basis).


I was lol’ing looking at pictures. You never really know what people’s faces truly look like when they see a big ol’ pregnant lady waddling by/doing normal people activities. Well, I was able to get a peek of that in my pictures. His face looks like, holy crap… you are a very pregnant woman. Well yes I am. lol

IMG_0850The private show started shortly after. It was nice, intimate, and he played a bunch of covers and other songs he wasn’t going to cover in the show. There were only maybe max 50 people at the private show so it was pretty cool.


The Early November and Saosin opened the show. It was cool but we obviously weren’t there for that. It did give me the opportunity to rest and sit for awhile. I drank a bunch of water because I was worried I would get dehydrated but omg… I had to pee every 20 seconds. Serious pregnancy problems. There was a lot of drunk people there… my favorite one was a girl I met in the bathroom. Real conversation follows:

Drunk girl: Ohhhh emmmmm geeeeee….. is there a baaaaabbyyyy in theeeerrreee???
Me: Um, yes.
DG: Awwwwww oooooh emmm geeeeee…. babyyyyy’s fiiiirst Dasshhhhboard concerrrt. Ohhh emmm geee looook at your lace shorts…. awww you’re soooo muchhhh cooler than usssss….
Me: *while laughing* Oh I doubt that
DG: Oh yessssss…. and you’rrrrre beaaautiifullll….. awww baaaaaaby.

She said some other things but I was completely distracted by the fact that this baby was pushing on my bladder and the line was out of control.


Then Taking Back Sunday started up. OMGGGG…. TBS really reminds me of the first couple years that Erin and I were together. We must have listened to Louder Now like a million times while driving around in his truck. It was always in his CD player. They opened with a bunch of old songs and my face looked like the heart eyed emoji for practically their whole set.


We finished the night with Dashboard Confessional and it didn’t disappoint. Solid lineup of pretty much all old songs. He introduced his newest song which actually sounds like old stuff so I wasn’t super disappointed. I had to sit down a couple times throughout the set because I was just completely exhausted at that point. Ended the show with “Hands Down”.

Erin looked super excited the whole night. He had the biggest grin stretching from ear-to-ear. I know he was pretty excited because he wore the shirt he got last night to work today. I’m just glad we were able to do something special for him for his birthday since starting this year he will most likely be sharing it with our newest addition!


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