1 year + 9 months (21 months)


Look at my big girl!! This has been a big month for communication. I feel like Palmer is getting better at effectively sharing her feelings and asking for things. Yes, most of the time those things are food related but communication is big! We’ve been working with her on numbers and we are up to 5. I can hear her saying it in her room all the time. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… GO! I’m trying to work with her on colors. Most of the time she just calls things yellow or orange (rrrrnngg…. one of the most requested foods).

She has been really testing mommy’s patience lately with all the tantrums. I’ve found that cuddling is huge in calming her down so a lot of times, I revert back to newborn care and hold her, bounce her and cover her with a blanket. It seems to do the trick.


She loves shoes but refuses to wear them for more than 30 minutes. I swear the moment we go out in public, she wants her feet to be free. Oh child… you’re so difficult.

We’ve officially transitioned to the big girl table for meals. We got a booster seat from my dad and she loves sitting at the table with us. She does pretty well not making too much of a mess. Erin still likes to put her in the high chair because she’s better contained and he said it’s easier to clean.



I think she’s finally starting to get this new baby thing. I’ll ask her about the new baby and she’ll give my belly a kiss and hug. It’s pretty cute. I wish I could get a picture of it but I never can. I couldn’t even get it in our family photos. 😦


The last big thing is that we are starting potty training TODAY! The 3-day training method recommends 22 months but we are pretty close at this point. 22 months means the new baby is already here and it will be difficult to focus fully on training Palmer and nursing/taking care of a newborn. So we’ll see how this goes.


Lots of updates to come. Countdown to 2 is THREE MONTHS!!



10 thoughts on “1 year + 9 months (21 months)

  1. gibbo1983 says:

    Your brave with the potty training im going to try and leave it till the end of the year when max is 2. Il be keeping an eye out to see how you get on 🙂

    • justaudrey says:

      Thanks!! Well we are 3 hours in and she has had 4 or 5 accidents. The program says accidents are good because they will eventually lead to it clicking. I hope so because I feel like I’m cleaning up after a puppy lol

  2. thephotoguidebook says:

    Though I am not a mother, I’m actually super interested in hearing about the 3 day potty training method. Lol how does it work? I loved this post by the way! Adorable photos, especially the one from Snapchat! 😊💜

    • justaudrey says:

      Thanks!! The 3-day method is this awesome system that basically makes you quit diapers cold turkey. I think that’s why I like it. Day one is basically just dumping the diapers and having your kid in underwear. They have your attention 100% while training and you focus on getting the child to communicate when they need to go potty versus being parent-led. It can go longer than 3 days sometimes but she says that’s typical. There are no pull ups or other crutches to keep you from the goal of being diaper free and dry!

      • thephotoguidebook says:

        Oh wow!! That sounds super effective! I wish you all the best with this method! I’m excited to see updates when the new baby comes!

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