Potty Training at 21 Months (Day 2)

A 35 week pregnant mother’s disclaimer: This sucks. I’m sure it doesn’t suck for everyone but it has for me. I’m freaking exhausted, emotionally drained and sick and tired of hearing my child scream. I’m so tired. I’m dealing with a thousand other things and honestly, I feel like I’m not going to survive this process. It’s going to eat me alive.

Day 2: Thursday

Starting up where I left off on our first day of potty training, so we made it through the night dry. So proud of how awesome she’s doing. I keep reminding myself that the accidents are part of the process but it’s still annoying. It feels like she’s communicating with me less right now and I’m not sure why. She’s usually really awesome at telling me what she wants so it’s totally strange.

The morning is a little better than yesterday. She’s going a little longer than she did between accidents yesterday but we have yet to make it to the potty before she basically completely wets herself. I blame my slow moving, pregnant body. It’s just hard to scoop her up and waddle on over to the bathroom.

I’m giving her a lot more oranges today. Not only are they obviously super juicy and they make her poop so that will give us some practice for handling poop. Speaking of… by 11am, I can tell Palmer needs to poop. She picks at her butt and does a weird dance. I keep whisking her off to the bathroom but she’s not interested. She keeps saying yucky and picking her butt so I keep placing her on the toilet. After several times of this, I see what can only be described as complete and utter fear her eyes. I crouch down and hold her hands in support as she screams like she’s in labor and pushing out an 8-lb baby. It’s happening. She’s pooping. I feel like the most awkward cheerleader ever as I tell her how awesome she’s doing and how proud I am while she tries to push out the little poops. Once she finishes, she looks completely relieved the process is over. I have her come off the potty and look at the poop. She points at the toilet and says yucky, poop. I have her count the poops in the potty. There are 4 pieces lol Next to wiping. It’s freaking hard to wipe her. I need to watch some YouTube videos on this or something. How do you get all the yuckies? Time to wash hands. She gets a big sticker and a HUGE hug! Lots of positive reinforcement. I tell her to say goodbye to the poop. Bye Poop! She seems pretty proud in the moment.

I started to realize that TV was a total distraction for us. Actually, all activities were. Every time I remind her to tell mommy when she has to go potty, I can see she doesn’t care. She is a TV and play time zombie. We tried playing with Playdoh and had several accidents. I’m talking like 3 accidents within the hour.

With all this complaining about the drama of potty training, I haven’t mentioned the most amazing part: the dancing. Undies give a new found freedom that diapers just never had and Palmer is pulling out all the moves. Justin Bieber Pandora radio is definitely a favorite of ours and watching her dance to Rihanna’s “Work” might be worth the whole experience.

Naps have been good. She’s just super fussy. Like overly whiny about things she wouldn’t normally whine about… and the hunger. Chips. Cheese. Milk. Strawberries. Is she stress eating? It seems like it. Luckily she is staying dry through naps (or was). We had one accident. I blame myself because I didn’t keep pulling her out of bed to try. She pooped a little and peed her pants. Trying to clean that up was the grossest thing ever and I don’t think I ever fully got her clean until bath time. Erin saw her underwear when he got home and said, ummm why does she have skid marks?? Because clearly mommy doesn’t know how to get in there and wipe. lol

Our afternoon seemed to be much better. No accidents in the afternoon and she racked up a couple stickers. She was even pretty good with Erin in the evening. Then after we were playing in her room (I can’t remember if this was before or after bathtime… I think after), Palmer went to her toy basket to play with the toys. Erin and I were RIGHT THERE. We even thought she said potty and we had just taken her to the potty several times just before. All of a sudden, pee everywhere. Ugh… Erin took her to the potty but she was already finished. We talked to her about staying dry. She’s been so thirsty at night and demanding water. Ideally, the program says to either no or limited water before bedtime and to try and get them to go twice before bed. This has been a struggle both nights but we are trying our best to listen to get at least once.

New undies. I started a small load of laundry to make sure we had plenty of underwear for the next day (and wash the sheets/rug that she had peed all over earlier in the day). The night time was relatively easy. She only woke up once throughout the night again but made it a much longer stretch. I can’t exactly remember the time she went to sleep. Maybe 9? She was asleep until 4:30am. She started rolling around so I got up, cuddled her and took her to the potty. She didn’t really fight it. A few minutes and she peed a lot. We cheered and she was happy but sleepy so I put her back to sleep.

Back up at 7am to do it all over again. Potty Training Day 3 is finally here and I’m interested to see the progress we make throughout the day. Will this be 3 days and done or will it require some additional time? Eek. I’m terrified to see.


3 thoughts on “Potty Training at 21 Months (Day 2)

  1. MIL says:

    I love how when I talked to her on the phone she said. “Grandma peepee potty” and the she said “big girl”. I think she gets it, hang in there

  2. Emily Bresin says:

    Good luck!! It sounds like you are on the right track. We still have quite a few diapers in our future! I’m looking forward to the day my little one will be potty trained.

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