Potty Training at 21 Months (Day 4 & 5)

Are you sick of my whining yet? Because I totally am.

Date 4: Saturday

I woke up Day 4 to a lovely sound. Erin had gotten Palmer up (I somehow didn’t hear her) around 6am and they were cheering to staying dry all throughout the night. She didn’t wake up once! And still woke up dry! Big cheers were in order. A few minutes later, more cheering. Palmer went potty on the potty. Yes, that’s my big girl!

Erin has been working for a friend’s company some nights and weekends so he helped out as much as possible in the morning before he had to leave. He fed Tyson and cooked breakfast with Palmer. The extra 30 minutes or so I got was much needed.

Palmer was actually being pretty sweet in the morning. We were just hanging out with the occasional “let’s try the potty” runs. There was one successful pee during all the attempts. Then around 8am, I noticed she was showing signs of pooping. She gets super sweaty, cranky, and picks her butt a lot… super ladylike. So we went to the potty and with a little hesitation, she pooped! It was a big deal. As soon as it started happening, she seemed to accept the process and was excited about the end result. She stood up to look at it and said, yucky poop.

I thought we were good from there on out. She was super tired and NEEDED to nap. This has been a struggle for several days now. She’s usually pretty quick to put down so this has been pretty annoying for us as parents. I thought this hurdle was over. Nope, two steps forward, one step back. So I tried putting her down but she was sooo angry. So angry to the point where she peed herself. She knew it wasn’t good. She said uh oh and yucky afterwards but the damage had been done. I cleaned up, put her on the potty to make sure everything was out (she didn’t go), and attempted the process again. Finally she went down.

Woke up dry, YAY! 30 min later peed in the potty. I’m convinced she just needs to stop being afraid. She was good for most of the day.

One accident at night with Erin and that was it. The evening was relatively easy. Erin taught her a new thing and she loves it. Once she pees, she does the pee dance. It’s basically her putting her hands in the air and repeating, “I peed. I peed.” while doing a cute little shuffle. It’s adorable and seems to be a reward she is enjoying. Fingers crossed this works…

I think she went down pretty quickly. It was a quiet night. I think she got up once, went potty and back down again. Pretty easy.

Day 5: Sunday

Eff this. Seriously. I got a total of 3 hours and 55 minutes of sleep last night. It was partially my fault because I was working on a project and had some creative energy in me so I wanted to take advantage of it.

Palmer woke up this morning dry. Yay again! Peed in the potty after she woke up.

We were both super exhausted this morning and I was totally cranky. I was prepping a crock pot dinner and Palmer was eating breakfast.  All of a sudden I hear those dreaded words, uh oh. I rush to the living room to find Palmer over by the new baby swing, pee all over the floor and a noticeable poop in her diaper. Eff. Needless to say, I was beyond furious. After a pretty good day yesterday, I saw a glimmer of light. The light was quickly extinguished while I scooped poop out of my daughter’s undies. Ugh. So annoying.

We went over to the potty. I re-explained the importance of staying dry. I think she’s struggling with understanding that wet is bad and dry is good. It’s a pretty crucial element to this whole potty training thing so if she doesn’t get it, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. I’m trying to stay strong for the family. Never give up.

So then, I was like perfect… dinner is done. I’m yours Palmer. We are going to do this today. Any sign I saw, I was whisking her away to the potty. She was super tired so that wasn’t making the process easy. 40 minutes of back and forth to the potty had resulted in nothing. I was going to just give up and let her go. All of a sudden, she gets off the potty and is stands next to it… and just starts peeing all over the floor. Shocked, it took me a second to grab her a put her on the potty. She applauded her efforts. It took everything in my body not to get mad at her and say, “no.. you don’t get to do the potty dance. You peed on the floor,” but I don’t. I just breathe deeply and say, “yay. next time we need to go all in the potty. now that you’ve gone potty, lets get you a sticker”. So annoyed.

Naptime was a struggle. It took four attempts to get her down. Why???!!! Just go to sleep!!! Finally she cried herself to sleep. I’ve found she only pees when she’s standing up in the corner of her bed so as long as she’s laying down, we are pretty safe from accidents.

No more accidents for the rest of the day until the evening. She was really testing Erin’s patience. Threw all her food everywhere, lots of tantrums and hitting, not cool. Thankfully she went down super quickly.

I’m pretty sure Erin wants to quit the process. He’s brought up her not being ready multiple times. I’m not ready to throw in the towel. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, or I just have faith that she will succeed at some point. Either way, if we give up at this point and put her back in diapers, I feel like that shows her it’s okay to give up and the power struggle has somehow shifted to her favor.

I know I’m still relatively new at this whole parenting thing but it seems like that foundation is pretty important. She’s been hitting and biting again, which is basically another way to establish her dominance in our parent-child dynamic. I want Palmer to know that we are here to help her and see her thrive, and that we would never put her in harm’s way. I want her to feel safe throughout this process. I have 100% faith that we will “survive” this process relatively quickly. I’m just waiting for that moment to click.


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