Guest Bathroom Reveal

Since I’ve been talking so much about the potty lately, I figured this is the best time to finally reveal our new bathroom! Well, it’s basically exactly like the old bathroom with some minor updates.

So I’m super disappointed because our computer died last week and they are busy rescuing all the photos from the hard drive as we speak so I can’t show any before photos right now. I’ll try and paint you a beautiful photo. Imagine lots of tan. Everywhere. Dark. Artificial light. Did I mention tan? It was really tan. Tan walls, tan floors, and a poorly spray painted black vanity with paint chipping everywhere. Gorgeous…. not.


This bathroom is itty bitty tiny. It’s literally just the basics: sink, vanity, toilet, bathtub. One of the biggest changes was painting. I’m a huge fan of white paint. With one tiny window above the bathtub, the white paint was huge. It brightens up the space so much which helps take it from a dark, tan, tiny bathroom to a light, bright, tiny bathroom.


Next up was replacing all the tacky, super cheapy, low-grade bathroom accessories by removing them, patching the holes and painting over it. There used to be a towel rack above the toilet. On the opposite wall was a hand towel ring, towel hanger thing and the toilet paper holder (which was super annoying to have to reach for when you have a basketball for a belly).

My solution to all of the tacky problems? I built this cute little over-the-toilet ladder. Total cost was really only $5 or so as I had the stain. The accessories were a bit more but I had most of them just around the house. The basket is from Target and was about $15. Overall super good deal for something that takes up far less room!


I planned on doing this little art project with Palmer but it ended up just being a solo project. It was super easy. I just dunked a toilet paper roll in 2 different color acrylic paints and voila – free art. The frame was some cheapy frame I bought at Ikea about a thousand years ago and I stained it the same Special Walnut as the ladder.

IMG_6451Another big project was the mirror/medicine cabinet. It previously was a massive mirror that I wasn’t a huge fan of and a disgusting medicine cabinet to the right above the light switches. So I removed the old medicine cabinet and drywalled the area. I got a little help from my FIL who finished the drywall with the tape and texture. Pretty awesome how seamless it looks! Erin’s parents gave us this white medicine cabinet a long time ago when they redid they bathroom and we had never used it. We decided to just use it here for additional storage and because it was free. Why not?! I was going to change the light but it ultimately ended up working.

We also had to replace the light switch, mainly because it was gross looking. When we went to switch out the actual switch, we had other issues because the actual box inside was all messed up. Our friend had to come over and help us because we didn’t have all the tools but yay! It’s done and is not dangling out of the wall now. Bonus points.


And finally, the last item on our list was the vanity. I initially starting sanding and staining it but after it started looking like an ’80s vanity, paint was the way to go. I had this paint left over from painting the accent wall in our main living space so I decided to just repurpose it here (after applying a layer of primer on the laminate siding area). I had to redo the toe kick underneath as it was terrible particle board and basically rotting away. I just took a simple 2×4 and cut it to size, nailing it in place.

Added some hardware (from Home Depot) and this cute toilet paper holder (from Ikea) to complete the bathroom.

I’m super excited with how everything turned out. I’m really really excited that I was able to do it pretty inexpensively. Realistically, it cost less than $60 for everything, new shower curtain included!

Big win for my last major project before the baby comes. Now the house just needs to be cleaned. 3 weeks to go!!


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