My Potty Training Journey Continued…

So I last left off on Day 5. At that point, I think both Erin and I were nearing the end of our rope. I wish I could say that we remained optimistic for the rest of the week but this process has been incredibly trying as parents. No joke, potty training has been more difficult than transitioning to the crib, getting rid of pacifiers, and weaning her from breastfeeding all together.

Minor side note: I think she may be getting her 2-year molars right now. She’s been drooling like crazy for the past week. She won’t let me take a look but that *may* have something to do with the behavior this week.

Instead of doing a play-by-play of the week, I’ll give you a nice highlight reel of hits and misses.


  • Remains dry 99% of the time for naptimes and bedtime.
  • We have been good about waking up for middle of the night pee sessions. She usually goes right back to sleep.
  • Marshmallows are a hit; however, the large marshmallows (for poops) are terrible and leave stickiness EVERYWHERE. May reconsider doing chocolates or a different incentive.
  • No accidents while running errands/in the car
  • Couple days with only 1 accident
  • We had one poop where she didn’t scream or act afraid.
  • As of Friday, she’s finally learning to communicate when she needs to go potty and we had no accidents!
  • She’s been asking about other people that may poop… like Dada, Papa and Tyson.
  • We’ve been watching a lot of potty song videos on YouTube and they seem to distract/calm her during some of the more stressful times on the potty.


  • We had several 4+ accident days this week.
  • She’s pretty terrified of pooping and the process takes forever. She sweats and cries and screams about it being yucky. She hits me and is aggressive when she has to poop. It’s not fun.
  • One time she was pooping and she let out one but then stood up during the process to say hi to the poop. She was definitely not finished and ended up releasing the rest on the ground/on her feet. That is truly “yucky”.
  • Thursday evening she woke up around 2:30am. I took her to the potty and then she decided she didn’t want to go back to sleep. She kept saying she needed to go potty (and somehow, she managed to let a little bit out a couple times) but most were false alarms. This behavior continued all night. She refused to go to bed. The one time we ignored her call for the potty, she peed in the bed. We took shifts throughout the night and were completely exhausted on Friday because of it.
  • On Sunday she was running around playing with her toys. All of a sudden, she stops and looks at Erin and says, oh no poop. No warning signs. No letting us know of anything… just straight poops in her undies. So. Gross.


  • P loves her undies. I’m not sure if she would embrace her diapers back into her life.
  • Palmer is learning to manipulate the system by asking for the potty instead of going to bed/taking naps.
  • She’s a sassy little thing. When you ask her if she needs to go potty, she’ll respond with “no way”, and sometimes she’ll even wave her pointer finger in your face.
  • Taking on potty training while super pregnant and impatient is NEVER a good idea.

Reviewing the list above, I’m actually much more optimistic about the process and where we are going with it. We’ve come a long way and it looks like things are getting better. It’s tough when you’re in the thick of it and you don’t think things are going to improve. Following the 3-day training program may not have been an easy success for us. I guess I was a little naive to think that it was possible for it to take just 3 days, even though she was showing all the positive signs of readiness. I’m not sure if it’s her age, of possible teething, just plain toddler stubbornness, or even something we’ve been doing wrong but it hasn’t been a quick thing for us.

We’ll see what the next week has in store for us. We have a little more than 2 weeks before the new baby is scheduled to enter our lives and, especially for Palmer’s grandparents sake, I hope she is a little further along in the process while we are at the hospital. Each day is new and different, and we have to keep reminding ourselves to remain positive and give her the opportunity to succeed.


2 thoughts on “My Potty Training Journey Continued…

  1. akw62307 says:

    Kudos to you for continuing with this so close to your due date. I think I would have given up after day 1. My husband and I have talked about potty training but we’re not pushing it as she’s not really showing any signs yet. We have a potty in the bathroom and sometimes she’ll sit in it but she’s only peed in it once. I think we need to wean off pacifiers first! I keep trying to hide them but she finds them in random places around the house.

    Good luck with the potty training adventures and I hope you have success before baby comes!

    • justaudrey says:

      Thanks!! It’s tough but I am so focused on the goal that I can’t give up at this point. The pacifiers were surprisingly soooo easy, even though Palmer was obsessed with her wubbas. We haven’t had any problems since cutting her off cold turkey last month!

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