37 weeks – baby #2

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth this week. I was doing so well with updating and then, boom… crickets. Seriously though… These last couple weeks are flying by and I can’t really say I’m complaining about it. Pregnancy has me like ughhh and I’m honestly amazed that people go 41-42 weeks sometimes. The last month is excruciating.

Wednesday was my second to last appointment. Kind of bittersweet but I am okay with it. We aren’t going to be doing any cervical checks, unless there are some concerning signs of labor. There haven’t been lately… just in general completely crazy emotions, exhaustion and complete lack of patience. I think all those are pretty common at this point in everyone’s pregnancies. Plus cervical checks kind of suck and are painful for me so skipping them is okay in my book. I guess if I’m concerned at all, I can always have her check next week.

Oh and I got stupid melasma on my cheekbones which totally sucks. My OB recommended that I don’t go out in the sun without lots of sunscreen to keep it mild. Melasma is basically hyperpigmentation caused by an increase in estrogen. Unfortunately,Β  I don’t think I’ll be able to do any treatments or anything until after I’m finished nursing so that means that I have to deal with this horrible blotchiness on my face for the next year. I told Erin that in a year I’m pumping my body so full of toxins and getting my face back lol

I discussed with my OB my concerns with possibly developing postpartum depression following the birth of new baby. I’ve had a lot of major changes occur in my life in the past year and I know they will certainly factor in as I continue my journey towards raising 2 little girls. She mentioned that there are lots of options offered at the hospital for free that I should check out following new baby’s birth so I think I’m going to try that. A lot of times I put myself last and I know that type of mentality isn’t helping anyone.

Speaking of getting help, this week we had someone come clean our house. Well, we cleaned a ton leading up to it making sure everything was organized and in place so the house already felt a million times better. Then the cleaning lady took care of the rest. It was just nice to have one less thing to worry about.

I had originally planned to do a weekend roundup because Erin went a little nesting crazy this past weekend but never really got to it. Last week I mentioned that we were going to pick up a new toilet for our master bedroom and a freezer for all the new breastmilk coming into the house, and we did it! Erin installed the toilet all on his own and set up the freezer. Can I say how life changing both of these things were for us??!! First of all, the toilet is amazing. Our other one was seriously always broken with some issue going on and just the fact that this one WORKS is amazing.

Now for the update:

How far along: 37 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Tackle Box

Symptoms: Extreme (and I mean) EXTREME exhaustion – I could seriously fall asleep at any time, some mild cramping at nights, peeing nonstop, swelling started Wednesday 😦

Total weight gain: I gained THREE lbs between my appointment last week and this week. Dang. I’m measuring at 36 and according to the drs office, I’ve gained 17 lbs (12 if you go from what I know my PPW was). I feel like I have a massive medicine ball in my belly. It’s just RIGHT THERE.

Maternity clothes: I will not buy any new maternity clothes this far out. Make due with what I have! I’ve even just given up and started wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes with my belly all hanging out… that’s right folks… I’ve officially given up at this point.

Stretch marks: No – hoping this holds out just a little longer!

Sleep: All the time and never…

Best moment of this week: I totally had a “best moment” but can’t remember it anymore. I’m not kidding… my brain is complete mush.

Miss anything: Sleep, Palmer sleeping through the night, regular Target trips without fear that my child is going to poop on the floor

Movement: All the time! Especially at night.

Food cravings: Sugar cookies from Potbelly and Capriottis

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: I wish I could eyeroll this ridiculous question

Sex: Girl

Labor signs: Not really

Belly button in or out: Depending on the baby’s position, it’s more outie than innie but only on the top half

Wedding rings on or off: On for the most part. Swelling starting mid-week so I took them off

Happy or moody most of the time: Extreme emotions

Looking forward to: Last appointment EVER next week!

Bump Shot(s):


and because I slacked this week… bonus belly shots (and it’s even me being brave showing off BARE BELLY… WHAT?!)


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