38 weeks – baby #2

Um do you realize that in less than a week from this post, I’ll be holding my newest bundle of joy in my arms? I. Can’t. Even.

I had a little scare late last week/during the weekend when the baby was deciding to be slightly inactive. It totally freaked me out. Luckily things have improved and as of Sunday, she was back to her active self.

I have had this feeling in my gut that we aren’t going to make it to the 16th. I just don’t feel right this week and am super nervous that I’m going to go into labor any day. I would love to make it to next Tuesday but I just don’t know if this kid cares about my plans. I guess I just have some strong, independent daughters.

I had my last OB appointment Wednesday (like for possibly forever). Thankfully my OB was able to calm some of my “omg the baby is coming early” fears with a cervical check. Only dialated a fingertip or so, which was the same as my last cervical check at 34 weeks. Luckily, my OB is on call for the next three weeks as the other doctor in their practice covered for her the last three weeks. That means if anything happens and I go into labor early, she’ll be there. Yay! Oh and she checked the baby with this crazy buzzer thing. New baby was not a fan and scurried around in my body to get away from it. Apparently the lack of movement this weekend must have been just lazy days. My doctor recommended I call her next time that happens though just to be safe!

Now for the update:

How far along: 38 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Ukulele

Symptoms: Super extreme exhaustion, nausea, increased BH, general uncomfortable/uneasy feelings… basically lots of false labor signs. Thanks body.

Total weight gain: Nothing. Not even an ounce, which is crazy surprising considering the amount I’ve been binge eating lately.

Maternity clothes: I’m proud to be rocking pre-pregnancy clothes and not caring one bit. Oh my belly is hanging out? Sorry ’bout it.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet!

Sleep: Not the greatest but I’ve been doing a lot of it.

Best moment of this week: Eating donuts. Getting my nails did.

Miss anything: Oh I don’t know.. maybe not having 10+ lbs of extra baby weight hanging off my belly and looking like Santa Claus

Movement: Luckily there has been a lot the last couple of days… phew!

Food cravings: Everything in sight. I’m like a hungry, hungry hippo with junky food. I can’t get enough of it.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes! For the first time in soooo long I’m feeling sick again. WTH!?

Have you started to show yet: Bahahahaha

Sex: Girl

Labor signs: Overly tired, back pain, either BH or some type of contraction – super tight belly, nausea, oh I don’t know… just everything.

Belly button in or out:Β Thinned significantly lol

Wedding rings on or off: Off – not taking any chances

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody

Looking forward to: Well this is an easy one… hopefully having a baby next week, unless she decides she wants to come earlier! πŸ™‚

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