Bohemian/Floral Nursery Reveal For Baby #2

So originally when we started preparation on the nursery, I wanted to keep it pretty neutral. I knew if it was a boy, I would add touches of woodland creatures/woodsy feel. If it was a girl, I wanted a kind of boho feel with lots of floral and some tribal inspiration. This room was incredibly special for me because I actually had the chance to DIY a lot of elements from the room, like the tent shelf, under the bed drawers, dreamcatchers, corner shelves…. the list goes on.


I think the first thing I decided on was the crib. I wanted something lower that would be easier to put the new baby in and easily get her out. This Baby Mod crib from Wal-Mart was seriously perfect. I loved that it shipped right away and came with the crib rails so I didn’t have to upgrade later.

I made the dreamcatchers, little crate toy boxes on casters with padded seat, mobile, and under the bed storage drawers. I love how it all came together and it makes me feel good that I literally put my blood, sweat and tears into these little projects. Don’t believe me? Remember when I almost broke down making those silly toy crates???



Next up is the new dresser where I showed off my impressive Ikea Hack skills. This room has more storage than any other room in the house because I took advantage of every space I could! I put little bins under the dresser for books, the dressers hold 99% of the clothes from newborn to 3 months (oh golly, it’s a lot of clothes). And omg, look how cute the rocking chair is!! That’s from Erin’s parent’s house. It’s a little squeaky but I love it and I think it is perfect in the room.

I also made little corner shelves (another Ikea Hack), the tent shelf, and the floral E.


Last up is the closet and my latest addition, a headband storage solution. The closet is amazing. The little cubbies provide lots of toy storage opportunities. I also put additional storage elements above the clothes so I could storage extra large blankets and whatever else I want hidden (like some of the millions of diapers I picked up recently from Target).


I made the clothing hamper, and somewhat “hacked” the Ikea spice rack to create these an area to hang all the headbands we’ve collected over the years. I’m super excited because this baby is supposed to be born with hair so the headbands are going to look super cute over her fluff of whatever colored hair!

And that’s it for the tour! It’s not crazy huge but I feel like we maxed out the space in the room to allow for all the essentials (and maybe some non-essentials too). I love how feminine it is with all the touches of pink, but it’s not super overwhelming pink.

I seriously can’t wait to bring home new baby very soon so she can “enjoy” months of tummy time on her cute blue rug. We’re ready! Just bring on baby!



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