Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Confession: I’m seriously obsessed with Instagram contests. It’s a sickness. I am always trying to win stuff on there. I won a credit a long time ago to a store (I still haven’t used it!) and since then, I’ve been a contestaholic.

In early July, there was a contest I saw posted through Mushybooks’ instagram page and since I’ve wanted a Mushybook for Palmer for like ever, I figured I would enter. Entering is easy. Usually you just have to like all the pages. Sometimes you have to tag someone (sorry for blowing up your notifications with all the tags Erin). So I liked the pages and moved on. The likelihood of winning is so small, especially in a winner takes all contest like this one, so you’ll imagine how shocked and surprised I was to start getting notifications as I was the winner!

The best part – it was a Canada Day contest and I won on the 4th of July weekend. ‘Mmerica.

I was completely overjoyed because all the stuff was sooo cute and there were a bunch of baby-specific shops (perfect for getting some non-hand me downs for new baby). I sat on the credits for a couple weeks because I wasn’t sure what to order but I finally placed nearly all my orders and have been getting in the items. I wanted to share the shops and my picks from each shop!

Archers And Antlers


This Etsy shop sells organic handmade clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers. It was hard not to scoop up everything. They had the cutest cactus print romper but unfortunately, nothing really worked sizewise for new baby or Palmer. I ended up scooping up a pair of black and white polka-dot printed bloomer shorts (6M) and a matching black headband for new baby.

Charlie & Gus

Hello adorable hipster kids. I about exploded when I came across their page and saw all the adorable prints. The hot dog shirts? Please. I picked up two shirts for Palmer: the hot dog and the alphabet shirt. I seriously couldn’t believe how soft these shirts were when I received them. They feel durable and cozy all at the same time. I kind of wish the hot dog shirt came in my size. I also recently spotted some viking pants on their website and it took everything out of me not to order some for everyone I knew because they are so cute.



Gorgeous teethers galore. I didn’t realize a teether could be so beautiful until I actually held one of these in my hands. The silicone beads are so soft and the wood is smooth. Palmer was super excited about it and wanted to put it in her mouth as soon as she saw it so I had to explain to her that it was for new baby and then put it up super high in the closet. I have a feeling this sharing thing might be an issue.

Rebel + Heart

Anyone that knows me is aware of my obsession with black clothing so finding a shop with adorable black and white clothing everywhere is hard to resist. Since it’s my kiddos and not me, I’m trying to limit the amount of strictly black and white items I force upon them but I could have had a field day here. I ended up ordering a black and white striped pair of bubble shorts. To balance out the black and white, I found these bright flamingo bubble shorts. Seriously adorable for new baby.

Teepee Tots & Co.

This website was a pattern heaven for me. I had a really hard time picking out what I wanted to order because they offered lots of different options from little shorts and leggings to rompers to super cute moccs. Ultimately I fell in love with the bermuda shorts because I couldn’t get over these two prints. They are both in newborn size so I’m really excited for new baby to start wearing them ASAP.

My Mila


Another super cute website filled with gender neutral black and white baby clothing. Since I had picked up a bunch of stuff for new baby at this point, I wanted to find something for Palmer. I love this black and white dress. I think it’ll look super cute with leggings and black shoes for fall. I seriously can’t wait for the temps to start dropping so she can actually wear this dress.


The item that brought me to the contest is actually the only item I haven’t ordered yet! I’ve been going back and forth through the different designs and am having a hard time deciding. Since it’s eventually going to be Palmer’s baby book, I’m not too concerned with time. I mean, I’m going to basically have to reference this blog in order to fill the entire thing out at this point. If you’re looking for a classic style baby book with modern flair, I honestly don’t think anything can beat the look of their books. So gorgeous!

The Wild Kids Apparel


The Wild is a super cute kids adventure-themed apparel shop. They have a lot of adorable unisex onesies with cutesie animal faces on them. I decided pick up these little black moccs that will hopefully fit new baby during the winter. The lumberjack shirt was a close second but I figured we would get a lot of use out of these!

So that’s it for my winnings! I’m still kind of in disbelief that I won all these items. I can’t wait to share lots of pictures of the girls wearing them once it all comes in. Oh and you should definitely check out the shops and their instagram shops! They are always posting new inventory. Love all these Canadian shops. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  1. thehuntlife89 says:

    Congratulations, those little moccs are just too cute! I am so obsessed with all the adorable baby shops on instagram lately, I swear my child will be far better dressed than I ever am!

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