Hospital Daze


Hi. I’m alive. It’s been a whirlwind of 2+ weeks since getting home but we’re figuring things out. I had super good intentions on posting about a million things but then life happened so here I am… catching up. I wrote this a few days after getting home from the hospital and haven’t even had the time to go back and post it… #momlife.

Recovery sucks. You can’t do anything. You have a ton of restrictions. Not fun. I think it’s easy to overlook with as common as a c-section is nowadays that this operation is a major abdominal procedure. I fail to remember that and then when I can’t do anything, I’m like oh yeahhhhh….

But as much as recovery sucks, I have to admit.. I sort of looked forward to the hospital stay. It might be mainly because I really like the chicken quesadilla from the hospital kitchen. It’s super cheesy.

There have been some major changes to the hospital we delivered in since Palmer’s birth. Mainly a name change or something… a different hospital group either absorbed or bought out the hospital. They are still in the middle of transitioning everything to the new hospital so things are kind of a work in process. It’s still a super nice hospital though, and thankfully, they haven’t changed the quesadilla.


The first 24-48 hours following surgery was crazy. It’s like so much gets filled into those hours between the nurses poking and prodding you to all the breastfeeding help. I’m like the most private/modest person ever and all that goes out the window in the hospital. A nurse comes in and I’m like, here I am… do what you need to do.

We originally had this vision of having Palmer meet Emmeline shortly after moving into our couplet care room and spending some time just the four of us as a family… but… earlier in the day we noticed Palmer seemed to be coming down with something. We checked with Erin’s parents later and she was still pretty coughy and snotty so we decided to postpone her visit until the next day. Erin’s mom said she seemed to be doing better so they made they way to the hospital.


This was totally the moment I was waiting for… Palmer meeting Emma. It did not disappoint. Watching Palmer meet the baby and say “ooooo awww baby” will forever fill my heart. It was freaking precious. She kept giving her kisses and hugs and showering her with love. She hasn’t spent a lot of time with new babies so I honestly didn’t know how she would react. She’s a natural big sister and we could tell she loved her as much as we did.

My OB came in later in the day and I was super hopeful she would let us go home Thursday morning, which was apparently totally optimistic on my end. I had been up and moving around so I assumed I was good to go. She let me know that Friday morning might be a possibility but to really consider my stay because *I just had major surgery* and I need to take care of myself. She said most people go home too early and don’t give themselves adequate time to heal without the pressures of being home.

In the middle of the night, my pain caught up with me. I was begging for pain meds and feeling pretty terrible. Thankfully we had a really awesome nurse that night and she was on it!

Speaking of nurses, they literally make or break your hospital stay. When you get a terrible nurse, you spend 12 hours counting down until shift change. My countdown started Thursday morning at 7am… and continued until we were finally discharged the next day. I’m not sure if I can blame it all on the actual nurse as the entire hospital’s computer system basically went down that morning and never came back up (it was awful).


I realized very quickly that I needed to stay on top of my meds (and your nurses). Honestly, the worst thing you could possibly do just wait for them to remember to check on you.  Those nurses during our final 24 hours at the hospital were not on the ball. I was tracking when I was due for medication and calling to have them given to me. There were times where they would not come in for an hour or so when I was very clearly overdue and in immense pain. My last 2 nurses never even did a check on me to make sure everything was looking good in an area I clearly couldn’t see, which was totally concerning. Then I had called to the desk asking for my nurse to come in and help me put on my abdominal binder. An hour passed by, then another hour, then another hour… then she FINALLY came in and bitched me out right before shift change because I hadn’t filled out the feeding/bathroom paper and only tracked it on my phone. Um, I’m sorry… you’ve been in here twice during your entire shift.

My OB wasn’t able to make it by in the morning to finish up the discharge stuff but she did call and say I was free to go if I wanted to, or I could wait until the afternoon for her to stop by. I was itching to be released since my last couple nurses were not attentive. I started to pack up all our stuff and Erin called his parents to bring Palmer. I really wanted to leave as a family so they came to switch cars/bring Palmer. It was super quick to be discharged. They wheeled me down and we waited for Erin to pull around the car. It was a moment of excitement and anxiety. Things really started to set in that this was our new life… parents to two little girls.



2 thoughts on “Hospital Daze

  1. akw62307 says:

    What you described about nurses is how I felt during my hospital stay towards the end with my first. I’m not going to have my husband or daughter with me much this time around so that makes me a little nervous.

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