Miss Emmeline – One Month


Can you believe it? ONE MONTH! It feels perhaps like the longest and shortest month of my life ever. As you can imagine, a lot has happened in one month. I have wanted to update posts but boy has life been busy around our house.

It’s surprising how much you forget about caring for newborns after you are out of that phase. I’m re-googling pretty much everything I googled when I had Palmer plus more. I should know more at this point but meh… I don’t.

Little baby Emma is so sweet. She stares at you with her cute blue eyes… just blinking. She started to smile this week. She also finally started to wake up and have some non-crying time with us. The first few weeks were just crying and nursing. It’s like we are finally able to enjoy some time with her now.

She loves to be held and wants to be on you all day long. I’ll admit, I hate baby wearing. It’s hot (especially in AZ) and inconvenient. We have an Ergo and a Boba, and I hate them both. I feel trapped and claustrophobic with all the ties around my back. Emma LOVES being in the Ergo but I feel like I can’t actually do anything with my arms when she’s in it so I might as well just have her lay on me or carry her around. So after doing lots of research and asking around, I decided to get a ring sling. I ordered it from sleeping baby productions, and it came in the mail today. The owner, Jan, gives you all the tools to really make the most of your baby wearing journey with lots of videos, detailed instructions, and customization options. I may just be eating my words… I think I’m actually going to like it! I can move in it and Emma loves it. Win-win.


14291727_10106742149949351_5176798525051909122_nMonthly Update

Weight: She dropped down slightly in the hospital to 6 lbs, 10 oz and then was quickly back up when my milk came up on day 3. At her 2 week checkup she was 7 lbs, 7 oz. Now based off our scale at home, she’s 8 lbs, 3 oz.

Length: I was shocked at our 2 week visit to find out she was at 20.5″! A 1.5″ growth since birth… insane! At one month, our measurement is just over 21″.

Diaper Size: N

Clothing Size: Newborn

Nicknames: Emma, Emma Gemma (or Palmer calls her Emmie Gemmie)

Health: She’s very snorty. I think she sounds like a pug most of the time but the pediatrician says its totally normal. I think she may have silent reflux. She doesn’t really smell like yummy baby… more sour. She’s always hiccuping, very gurgly, and cries a lot. I originally thought she was maybe just colicy but some of the other signs point to some reflux issues so I will probably bring it up with her pediatrician at her 2 mo check-up (unless things get really bad before then).

Sleep: Not the greatest. Her days and nights seem SUPER off. Being blessed with a great sleeper the first time really screwed me up for the second kid. She did have a breakthrough this week and the past 2 nights, she’s been sleeping practically through the night. Last night was from 9:40-4 or 5, then she ate and back to sleep… it’s almost 8 and she’s still asleep.

Diet: Based off my nursing app, she is eating between 6-8 times a day. She usually nurses anywhere from 30 min-1 hr +.

Baby Gear Love: Aden & Anais swaddle blankets (she doesn’t like the velcro sleepers), wubbas, and the Milkies Milk Saver – the most amazing breastfeeding thing everrr.

Loves: Being held. A lot. Palmer. Milk.

Dislikes: Being put down.

Milestones: I think she’s starting to recognize my voice. She turns in my direction when she hears it. She’s starting to be more awake. She smiled for the first time thing week in response to us playing with her (it seemed genuine – she doesn’t generally do it). Pushes up on our chest trying to get that little head up.

Looking forward to: Some baby noises.

Things I want to Remember: (and a little note to self) This is your last baby! Enjoy these moments even when both girls are hanging off of every limb on your body. Emma and Palmer’s relationship is awesome right now. Palmer loves her so much. Emma lets her smother her all day and doesn’t care. I dreamed of having a sister as a best friend but with 3 little brothers, that wasn’t in the cards for me. Celebrate and embrace “more kisses” because they’ll be fighting over clothes in no time!



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