Palmer – 22 & 23 Months


This update clearly escaped me last month and now here we are… less than a month away from Palmer’s SECOND birthday. It’s sort of crazy how quickly time passes by and how much they change. I was looking through old pictures of my bald baby in complete disbelief that she’s going to be two.


Palmer has quite the personality and is a total chatterbox. I guess that hasn’t really changed from months ago but her vocabulary has evolved a lot. She’s always talking our ears off, most of it in sentences we can understand but there is a fair amount of random jibberish. She’s incredibly sassy and bossy. She’s not the best listener all the time, which makes me crazy, but she’s getting better.


We are struggling with discipline techniques. It’s hard because sometimes I just feel like I have to be louder than she is so she can hear me but that’s not really the type of mom I want to be. I’m working on getting to her level and firmly telling her no. It’s annoying because sometimes she just laughs at me when I’m “disciplining” her. I wanted to start time outs for naughty behavior but I don’t think I know what I’m doing. Usually naughty behavior is due to her being tired so I usually just put her down.


Speaking of naughty behavior, Palmer’s new favorite thing to do is climb… everywhere…Β  Like up on the dining room table and dance… dangerously. She requires a close eye most of the time, which is hard when you are also taking care of and constantly nursing a little newborn. We have been going to the park so she can get all the climbing out on the playground. Erin took her for her first hike last week. She fell and scraped her knee. She’ll tell you all about it… “dfkljdfklj hike…. dfjklkjadfj walk…. i fell… sdakhlkjdflkj… owie.”

Things Palmer loves? All the characters on Disney Jr (Sofia, Doc, Mickey & Crew, Elena), Bubble Guppies, and Shimmer and Shine. She knows all their names and the songs. She doesn’t watch TV all day or anything but it’s typically in the background at our house all day. It certainly helps during nursing time so she can watch for 5-10 minutes before she jets off to get into trouble somewhere. She also LOVES Tyson. Feelings are not mutual. Every time she goes to the bathroom, she calls for him by slapping her leg and yells, “TY TY.. C’MON….TY!!!??” We usually have to call for him and then when he comes into the bathroom, she squeals with joy.

She’s really a sweet kid. She gives so many kisses and hugs all day. It melts my heart multiple times a day when she runs up to me and hugs my legs saying, “I love you mama”. She’s seriously the best!



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