holy potty training regression

You had to be expecting this… I mean, I was but I didn’t realize *exactly* what was going to happen. Maybe I was unclear of the exact definition of regression… I thought it was a two steps forward, one step back situation. Not the case. It’s like a two steps forward, bungee cord ripping you back to the start of time kind of thing and it started as soon as Erin and I arrived home.

I may be a little naive but it didn’t seem like she was mad about the baby or whatever. Erin was giving her very 1:1 attention. I was also giving her a lot of attention, even with the baby around. She didn’t seem jealous or unhappy. It’s weird because she didn’t have any accidents during the time her grandparents were staying at the house while we were in the hospital but literally the day we got home, pee everywhere. It’s like she just stopped telling us she needed to go.

Not only did she pee when she was just hanging out and awake, she was now peeing during naps and bedtime. We NEVER had an issue with that. She was always dry. She wasn’t crying during the night to tell us she needed to go until it was wayyyy too late. It was basically like watching Erin go through Day 1 of potty training for almost 3 weeks. So painful to see. So much laundry. The whole house smelled like pee and Palmer always smelled like the stinky kid in class even though she was getting baths at least once a day. It was exhausting.

By the end of Erin’s paternity leave, I think he was excited to go back just for the fact that he wouldn’t have to deal with the constant potty issues.

I am excited to report (and this may be a little premature) that we are almost back to where we were before “the great regression”. She is telling us now when she has to go poop, and sometimes pee when we are in a store. I have to watch for cues extra careful when in the house or doing whatever because she hasn’t been great during the day. It’s totally against the 3-day training rules but I’ve failed that already so meh.

We are currently working on pulling down our own pants so that hopefully she can go potty without my assistance (it’s been a little hard to manage while nursing). Wish us luck! The potty training journey continues…


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