party planning

Remember last year when I planned an adorable little county fair birthday to celebrate Palmer’s turning 1??!! And I was a totally awesome, proactive mom planning months and months in advance for this special occasion? Good times…

Well here I am with less than a month until Palmer turns 2 and I’m thinking, oh shoot… I this kid turns 2 next month and I have nothing done. So now I’m going into overdrive and trying to throw something special together for Palmer’s birthday.

Our issue is always location. Our house is… hm… we’ll call it petite. I mean it’s a pretty good size for our family of three but we’re have maximized all space available. We actually have some nice outdoor space in the front yard and space in the back. Unfortunately, we hate our backyard (I especially hate it) so hosting a party here would be terrible.

So then we went searching for a venue. Something that is relatively inexpensive with fun activities. My first thought was the zoo but our guest list was too long and I couldn’t cut it down. Then I thought about this super popular train park but the ramadas are booked up until Christmas Eve! I found out they usually book up 6 mo-1 year in advance… insane.

After a little bit of searching for something “pinspiring”, I came across a picnic themed party. Um… adorable. 1. It’s all about Palmer’s favorite thing: food. 2. It’s much less involved than last year’s county fair but can still but super cute. 3. The venue is practically free (well in this case, it’s completely free).

We finally settled on aΒ  little park Palmer loves to go to that is centrally located with an awesome playground. They don’t have ramadas to rent but they have a bunch of shady trees by the playground and if we get there early enough, we can take a couple picnic tables and it will be perfect for the ::party!

::Inspiration pictures below::

1 | 2 3 4 | 5

So now I’m trying to put all the details together and get an evite sent out ASAP (I feel like I’m so behind). I’m also trying to decide on what little DIY projects I am going to try and accomplish between random naptimes and after they go to bed for the next few weeks.

Hopefully I’ll have a sneak peek of some items in the next couple weeks! πŸ™‚


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