emmeline’s newborn photos


If you remember months and months back, I won a mini maternity and mini newborn session from Keri Meyers Photography during a Mother’s Day contest. Best Mother’s Day winning ever!

Our maternity session was gorgeous and we don’t even look super sweaty (even though it was a billion degrees outside). Check out all the photos on Keri’s blog! She’s insanely talented and made me feel like a million bucks.

Anyways, I was super excited about our newborn session because that’s her specialty. We didn’t get newborn photos with Palmer, and I probably wouldn’t have booked anything with Emmeline if I hadn’t won the session. I couldn’t justify it before but omg… I think they are totally wonderful. I am now kicking myself for not getting squishy photos of Palmer.

Keri is literally the baby whisperer. No joke. She can move and manipulate sleeping babies (I’m talking about full on changing outfits and swaddling them) without them flinching. I told her I needed to know all her secrets to help me with middle of the night diaper changes. I was amazed how many tiny outfits she was able to put on Emma during our session. She actually teaches classes on newborn photos and how to get those perfect little poses!

Anyway, without further ado, here are some precious photos of our little baby. How precious are these kids??!!



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