Emmeline – Two Months


Emmeline turned two months yesterday. She’s seriously such a sweetie. The last week she’s been making so many cute noises and always talking to me. Oh and she smiles like ALL. THE. TIME. It’s precious. It’s taken me a bit longer to bond with Emma and I think this week with more interaction has really helped that. I spend a lot of quality time with her while Palmer naps or during nursing sessions and I think that has allowed me to get to know her and her little personality a bit more.

She’s been growing super fast. Some of her newborn onesies barely fit her but 3 mo pants are all so big in the waist. We will find some balance eventually.

She’s been crying far less and sleeping for longer stretches during the night and I’m super grateful for that. Keeping up with Palmer during the day with no sleep is seriously taking a toll on my brain. I feel like mush all the time. I keep reminding myself that consistency will come soon and to be patient.

We are planning on transitioning Emma to her crib in a couple weeks. I’m thinking it’s going to be an easy transition since she loves her bed. I’d like to see a solid night schedule before we make the move. Maybe after this 2nd leap?

We have our 2 mo checkup next Monday so lots of official measurements then and (uh oh) shots… for both girls. Wish us luck. πŸ˜‰



Monthly Update

Weight: I didn’t weigh her today but last week I checked on our scale and I’m thinking she’s about 9 lbs.

Length: Based off an at-home measurement, 21.75″

Diaper Size: I’m using up the rest of our N swaddlers and moving on to 1

Clothing Size: Mostly newborn but growing out of it. Will be transitioning her to 3M soon.

Health: Snottiness is down thankfully! She spits up a lot but it’s mainly old milk – super curdled. I’m going to talk to the pedi about it next week. Also, she was having super dry skin problems but I’ve been treated with aquaphor and it’s clearing up quickly!

Sleep: Days and nights are still off but we are sticking to a slight babywise schedule and I think it’s helping a lot!

Diet: Same as last time but maybe less feedings. 5-6 feedings usually every 2-4 hours, 1 MOTN feeding.

Baby Gear Love: I have a fan that I can attach to her carseat when we are out and about! I also use it when nursing outside under a cover.

Loves: Playing, silly faces, smiling, talking, sitting on angled legs, when we let her stand straight up.

Dislikes: Lying on her back unswaddled & tummy time.

Milestones: I think she’s starting to recognize my voice. She turns in my direction when she hears it. She’s starting to be more awake. She smiled for the first time thing week in response to us playing with her (it seemed genuine – she doesn’t generally do it). Pushes up on our chest trying to get that little head up.

Looking forward to: More noises & upcoming dr appt

Things I want to Remember: This kid LOVES when you talk to her super close. She’s so expressive, even at such a young age. I don’t remember Palmer being this smiley. I always try and catch the smiles with my phone and she stops before I can capture it. She’s loves to be held and snuggled. Tummy time is only successful on our chest so she can stare at us.



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