Little Miss Style


We are just a few days away from Palmer’s SECOND birthday (so crazy) and this wild child is pretty much acting like a two-nager. That’s right.. it’s starting a year early for us. πŸ˜‰

For the past several days, she wakes up and wants to get dressed in her new favorite outfit. This outfit consists of a black pair of boots, a dress, two necklaces (her Minnie necklace from the dollar section at Target and a chunky beaded one), and occassionally, a pony in her hair. She does not want to wear pants, just dresses. I try and get her to wear other shoes (I even hid her boots this morning) and she walks around asking for them until I put them on her feet.


I’m trying to give Palmer a little bit of independence with picking out her outfits so she gets to pick her dress. This is a relatively long process where I pull all her dresses out and she throws all of them on the ground and examines them while I ask her “yes or no” to each dress. After about 10-15 minutes of this, we finally narrow it down to one when she puts it up to her body and says, “it cute”. I immediately put it on her before she can change her mind.



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