Pumpkin Patch


October is literally flying by! I feel like we are always busy and trying to fit things in before we miss out on it. One thing we did this past weekend was check out the pumpkin patch at MacDonald’s Ranch in North Scottsdale.

The space is so nice and has a lot of fun activities for kids. Unfortunately, it was about a billion degrees on Sunday so we were all sweating to death. We first checked out the petting zoo. I tried to get Palmer to feed the goats and pet the animals but she was not at all interested. They were pretty interested in her though and got up in her space a couple times. She was not amused.



Then we took a locomotive tractor ride over to the pumpkin patch, which is where the real fun happened. We had Palmer pick out a pumpkin and with all the excitement of the abundant selection, she had an accident. OH NO! Yes, far away from her extra change of clothes and bathrooms. It freaking sucked. So there she stood with wet pants as we tried to pick out a pumpkin and pose for photos like we were a normal family that didn’t pee their pants. *heavy sigh*



After a quick outfit change, we made our last stop (everyone was pretty beat at this point). I was set on having Palmer do a pony ride, and it did not disappoint. She was kind of being a jerk in the line but her attitude shifted when we hopped on the horse. She rode Shiek, a spotted white boy horse. He was super cute. I was so proud of her for holding on the entire time. She even pet him after the ride was over and wanted to keep riding after the ride ended.





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