Emmeline’s 2-month checkup

img_7155_eOn Monday we had a checkup for both girls. Palmer’s wasn’t crazy (I have it in a separate post). A few shots but nbd.

It was a big checkup for Emma since she hasn’t been in since her 2 week appointment. She was weighed and measured. She’s weighs 9 lbs, 4 oz and is 22.5″ long. That means she’s up 3.25″ from birth! She’s in the 27th percentile for height and (this is the bummer) 3rd percentile for weight. I didn’t realize she was that skinny!

The pediatrician said she looked good overall but was a little concerned about her weight. She said she would like to see her around 10 lbs at this point. I checked Palmer’s 2 mo stats and she was 10lbs 2oz (or something close to that) and she weighed almost a lb less than Emma when she was born.


Production wise, things are significantly different this time around. I pumped exclusively for several weeks (maybe even a month or so) because I had problems with Palmer latching. Also, Palmer had terrible reflux so we were feeding her 5 oz every feeding with the hopes that she keep get 3 or so down. After I started nursing with the shield, I pumped the other side because I was totally overproducing and engorged. I fed Palmer like clockwork… every 2 hours (or super close to it). She slept through the night pretty early on because she was taking in so much during the day.

Fast forward to now because this time it’s not like that. I feed her on demand with the shield. I pump only when necessary (usually late, late at night). We rarely give her a bottle. I block feed (one side per feeding) and she nurses from 30-45 minutes every 2-3 hours (unless she’s napping… which I don’t wake her). Now this has greatly affected my production. I’m never engorged. I rarely leak (compared to last time). I thought I was feeding her what she needs….

Apparently not. The pediatrician now wants me to feed her for 15 min on each side every feeding. This is day 2 of doing that and I’ve already had to break out some breastmilk from the fridge and feed it to her because I know I’m not giving her enough. I’m basically emptying myself out everything every 2-3 hours and it’s obviously not enough time to replenish my supply. She is getting frustrated and crying, which is really sad for me to deal with because I feel like I’m not enough for her. I’m not opposed to formula if that’s what I need to do. I just don’t know how to get my production up to feed her. I just want her to be a healthy, fat baby. I’m hoping maybe she just went through a growth spurt and grew taller and now she’ll be growing out. Who knows! It’s very stressful though and makes an already exhausting process even more tiring.

As for her shots, she did awesome! She had 3 pokes and an oral vaccine to take this time. A little tiny cry and calmed down almost instantly in my arms with her wubba. I think Palmer cried more from her two than Emma did.

We go back at 4 mo so I’m hoping to see some great progress from her weight-wise, especially with me putting in this extra effort of feeding her both sides.



3 thoughts on “Emmeline’s 2-month checkup

  1. kierrynh says:

    She’s so cute! Don’t worry too much about your supply. By increasing your feedings you should naturally start to produce more milk in a day or so. A woman’s body is an incredible thing.

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