Palmer’s Picnic in the Park – 2nd Birthday Party


So super exciting news… I got a new computer! So now I have no excuses for not updating it more regularly. It’s honestly like night and day. So here I am trying to update things that happened weeks ago… like Palmer’s 2nd birthday party!

I had mentioned before that our birthday theme was a picnic in the park. I wanted something low-key. This was totally laughable because of course I overcomplicated the whole thing and made it fussy. Special shout out to my in-laws who showed up hours ahead of the party in order to secure the best spot in the park and help us set up.

We had so many amazing friends and family come together to celebrate this special day with us. By some sort of miracle, it was an amazing morning with this incredible breeze before the temps topped off at 100 degrees in the afternoon (freaking miserable).


Everyone just hung out, ate, blew a bunch of bubbles, and played. Then we sang “Happy Birthday” and opened presents. I sort of failed on the photos because I didn’t take any. Luckily, some friends and family were able to share their photos with me. Another fail? Not bringing sunscreen. My little fair lady was a tinge pink after a day of fun in the sun.

Enjoy some the photos from the special day!





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