Palmer is TWO!



Oh em gee. Where has the last two years gone? Let’s be real… what about the last two weeks? Life is crazy and gets the best of you sometimes. Seriously though, do you ever just accept them getting older? It blows me away. Like I made you, carried you for 38 weeks in my belly, and now you’re talking? I can never fully wrap my mind around it. Sometimes I need to remind myself that she’s my child and that eventually, we’ll both be a lot older and she’ll be starting a family of her own. So weird.

Palmer as a two year old is sort of how I imagined she would be. Her little personality is large and she is sooo loud. Living with Palmer is sort of having a boss with a short man complex. She’s always telling me what to do (more often what not to do) and making these crazy demands (more cheese, more cheese). We call her a Sour Patch Kid because she’s always doing nasty things, and then makes it up by being SO FREAKING SWEET and cute that you almost forget that she tried to burn the house down.


We have stopped with baths (time suck) and now we just do showers. It’s like the easiest and most convenient thing ever. I just throw her in there and we both get clean. It has helped encourage me to shower more since I would skip it as I was always so busy with Palmer. She’s so mean in the shower though. Total water hog. She stands right under the water and pushes you out of the way if you need to get in. She’ll yell, MOVE… MOVE MOMMY MOOOOOOOOOOVE!

Oh and potty training? Yeah… we’re back on track (fingers crossed). She’s back to telling me when she has to go so that’s a huge sign. We also had a situation where she had to hold it for a little while until we could get to the bathroom and she did! Yay Palmer!! So three days may have turned into 3 weeks and then 3 months (with a couple accidents in between) but we are for sure not going back to diapers.



We had her 2 year checkup and found out that my <10% weight and height child is now in the 70th-something percentile for weight. Kid never misses a meal… especially when it’s loaded with carbs. She is still a shorty at 11%. Doctor said she’s not at all concerned with her as she can tell by the way she interacts with people and objects, and the vocabulary she is using that she’s doing amazing. She can pick out her own clothes and pull up her own undies. She loves wearing her dresses, necklaces, and shoe-boots (what she calls boots).

There isn’t much these days we can’t understand. Most of her little language is pretty clear, at least to me and Erin. She picks things up super fast so we really need to watch what we are saying. It’s no joke that they are always listening. She is a tiny little sponge and is a constant reminder that I need to watch what I’m saying and doing because she will repeat my actions. So I need to talk positive about myself and others, keep my volume down, and not say hurtful things… all things I should do anyway. We were in Target and an associate was putting clothes on the rack and said, “Holy Cow!”, and Palmer quickly repeated, “HOLY COW” and said it about a hundred more times throughout the store.

She loves to dance, sing, read books, throw balls (ready Daddy? ready Mama? ready???), tickle, color, and just about any task you set in front of her. She is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, hand dryer, and really anything that makes a loud air sound. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll tell you. Like most vegetables. And then throw them on the floor for Tyson to eat. Other big milestones? Palmer can count to 10 (if she’s really focusing.. sometimes we skip numbers like 4 and 7). She isn’t great about colors. Everything is blue-yellow or red… even when its not.

Every day is more exciting than the last because she is unpredictable. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching her transition from only child to big sister. She’s super sweet and absolutely loves Emmeline. She has the biggest heart and showers us with love every day. I am so happy to be her mom, and thankful that I have the chance to be home right now and watch her grow.




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