Emmeline – Three Months


Another month, another update. Look who turned three months today! Little Emmeline!

This kid is a cutie. Super vocal, super smiley, AND she sort of likes tummy time? She’s definitely getting easier to manage. I’m literally counting down the days until I can get her on a similar schedule to Palmer. It will be the most incredible gift I’ve ever given to myself.



So after her 2-month checkup, I’ve been working on getting her more food into her tiny body. The past two weeks have been a struggle. She’s super gassy and sort of refusing to eat. It’s lovely… really. I weighed her yesterday and she was still not 10 lbs. Wtf. I started googling (BAD IDEA AUDREY…. BAD IDEA) and it said she was technically under 3% for weight and that under 3% means she’s failing to thrive. Cue minor panic attack and a call to the pediatrician. Stupid google. She left a message to have me bring her in today, so I did. Luckily, she did weigh in at 10 lbs… exactly. I fed her 45 min before and she didn’t pee so maybe a little of that was waste. We discussed options and we are going to go in for weekly weight checks until her 4 month appointment to see how she’s growing. We are going to give her a bottle with probiotics in it and be a little more aggressive with gas drops. We are also going to feed her on demand for the next week and see what happens. Sometimes I wake her to feed and she just falls asleep. Eh… so stressful.

She is getting a good amount of sleep. She probably goes down at 9 (at the latest) and is up around 3:30-4 for a feeding, then back to sleep until around 7. Now I need to start training myself to get to bed at 9 too!

We didn’t decide to transition Emma to her bed yet. Recently the AAP came out with their suggestion that children should share a room with parents until 6 months and that this greatly reduced SIDS. Idk… I’m still debating if I should follow their suggestion or just go for it. Maybe we’ll see how this weight thing goes because that will probably change things a bit.

Monthly Update

Weight: 10 lbs (dr scale)

Length: 23.125 (at home estimate)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: Limited newborn (she’s long). Mostly 3 mo. She’s just really skinny.

Health: So gassy. Kid is constantly farting. She’s also been spitting up a little. Dr may look into silent reflux if it continues to be a problem.

Sleep: Better!

Diet: About 6 feedings usually every 2-4 hours, 1 MOTN feeding.

Baby Gear Love: Our little playmat from when Palmer was a baby! P never liked it so we hardly used it. Emma LOVES it. She’s always trying to reach for the little lion.

Loves: when you talk to her, smiling so big, just being held

Dislikes: being hungry, gas pains

Milestones: Tracks objects, turns towards voices, pushes up during tummy time, trying to roll over (tummy to back)

Looking forward to: Maybe a laugh?

Things I want to Remember: Breastfeeding is hard. Don’t be so hard on yourself about it. It freaking sucks.




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