*heavy sigh*

Erin has been gone for one day and it’s been the most exhausting 24 hours ever. These kids have been up basically all day. I think they are playing me. If one decides to sleep, the other one wakes up. It’s been this way since 3am. Emma has demanded food every 3 hours and has nursed for 40 min-1 hour every time. Palmer is incredibly needy, and she is constantly crying about who knows what. I wish I could figure it out but she doesn’t want to use words and just points at thin air. Clearly I suck at charades.

Thankfully, they took a 30 min break today to be the cutest sisters ever before returning to their competition of “who can give mom more grey hairs”. If you’re wondering, they are tied. 

Now back to google to figure how how to stop an eye from twitching all day long. ❀️


One thought on “*heavy sigh*

  1. akw62307 says:

    Oh goodness, I don’t know how you do it by yourself. I’m sending much strength your way. I’ve only done an hour at a time home with both kids so far and that’s enough to make me a little anxious. Wednesday though I’ll have both home with me so that will be interesting.

    Your girls are adorable!

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