Big Girl Bed


Well sort of… I mean it’s not a brand new big bed but we did it… we removed the front of the crib. Thankfully Palmer didn’t realize that she could climb over the top of the crib, until today. During her nap, she was running around screaming… her usual routine… and then all of a sudden, I noticed her at the corner of the bed, lifting her leg onto the top and trying to hoist herself over. Oh hell no… I ran into the room as fast as I could, and she immediately stopped and dropped to the mattress. Good girl.

So Erin and I decided it was time. I actually bought a little mesh bed rail months and months ago but since it wasn’t an issue, it’s been sitting in her closet. So just before bedtime, we went into her room and put it together, installed it, and introduced the new bed to Palmer. She was pretty excited about it, mostly because not she was not stuck in there.

Then we followed our normal bedtime routine, watched a Mickey, and then put her down to bed. And she wasn’t having it. I did a little research months ago and it said to basically let her go, check periodically, reinforce that it’s her new bed…  eventually she would lay down. We sat in our room and watched from the monitor as she yelled, tried peeking under the door, cried for us, played with toys, and occasionally hopped into her bed to lay down. After 15 minutes, we went back in to check on her. She cried and complained but we told her she needed to lay down in her big girl bed, said I love you, and closed the door.

Within 10 minutes, she was asleep. The one thing I didn’t think about was the door. In order to make sure she stayed in there for the initial minutes, we needed to close it completely (we don’t plan on doing this through the night). A little later I went back and cracked the door. Palmer actually stayed down the entire night!!

Next steps… As much as I hate baby gates, I think we are going to have to break down and buy some. I’ll need one for Palmer’s door, and one blocking access from the girl’s rooms/guest bathroom to the living area. I did some research and found 2 awesome gates so I guess that’ll be our next Amazon purchase.

Doorway Baby Gate: This gate is perfect for keeping Palmer in her room at night (and hopefully I can switch it to Emma later on when Palmer is less crazy and can hang out in her room without trying to break free all the time. Palmer actually locked the door to her room during tonight’s test run so we know that’s not going to work moving forward.


North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate


Large Doorway: For the larger doorway, this is what I found was recommended. It’s actually not too expensive and looks sturdy. Again, bleh… baby gates, but it’s a must in our situation. Just something to keep her from running around the house in the middle of the night, peeing all over the ground.


Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Maybe I’ll actually do this baby proofing in a realistic amount of time. It seems like every baby proofing project I take on is put off until the last possible moment. Oh well, that’s mom life for you. We can only tackle so much in a day.


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