Emmeline – Four Months


A super delayed four month update.. Clearly I’m struggling to update. I thought I would have more time since getting a new laptop but I obviously haven’t. It’s partially because I’m seriouslythisclose to maxing out the storage on this free wordpress space and I’m trying to decide what to do next.

Anyway…. let’s get down to business. This adorable little child is four months old.

For. Real.

It’s been a tough month. Like “What did I get myself into?” is on a loop in my head every day. If I wrote this on time, I would have a much different tone. It must be a Christmas miracle but Emmeline has been a whole new baby since Christmas Eve. So right now, I’m in a very blissful period with a happy baby.


My last update about doctor’s appointments was our first weight check. I cut out dairy after that appointment, and I am happy to report she gained 4 ounces the next week. Definitely under the 1 oz a day but up from 1 oz a week! We decided to postpone any additional weight checks until after her 4 month appointment. Our pediatrician also wanted me to continue to exclusively breastfeed so that’s what I’ve been doing.

We had her 4 month appointment a week ago and she’s up 8 oz (now 10 lbs, 12 oz). It seems like maybe she’s been gaining about 4 oz a week consistently so hopefully she keeps that up, or that it even starts to increase in the next couple weeks. I have chubby baby envy.

Emmeline just went through her first cold (sister of a toddler problems) so that led to some terrible sleep. She eats like crazy. I guess that’s good for a kid who needs to gain weight but it’s tough for a mom of a toddler too.

I decided that we will transistion Emma to the crib as soon as she is sleeping well at night. We recently moved her to a rock and play because we are desperate to get sleep. She’s rolling over both ways (not strong from belly to back though) so this sleep solution isn’t the best but more of a survival tactic for us as parents.

Monthly Update

Weight: 10 lbs, 12 oz (dr measurement)

Length: 23.5 (dr measurement)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: 3 months (pants are still totally big at the waist)

Health: As of today, AWESOME! We are dairy free but back to eating red meat (as of Christmas Eve) and she isn’t fussing. Yay! It’s great news for me because that means my diet won’t be as restrictive.

Sleep: Better the last couple nights. Her nighttime feedings vary. She naps pretty well throughout the day. We are also swaddle free (well unless Erin is dealing with a fussy baby and at the end of his rope).

Diet: 6-9 feedings a day. We go through a cluster feeding frenzy right before bed, where I’m just transferring her from one boob to the other. Totally fun. Some nights she sleeps for a big ol’ chunk, other times she’s up every 2 hours. I wish it was consistent.

Baby Gear Love: Rock and play.

Loves: SMILING (Seriously, smiling is her favorite), Palmer, staring, chewing on her fingers, being fed, when we pat on her belly, tummy time

Dislikes: Sleeping, us sleeping, being cold

Milestones: Laughing (as of Christmas), Rolling over belly to back and back to belly, transfers things between hands.

Looking forward to: A tooth (or two) popping through soon.

Things I want to Remember: Being a mom does not come naturally to everyone… and that’s okay. Breathe. Enjoy the big gummy smile and silly laugh because in a year or so, she’s going to be trying to boss you around.


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