Happy New Year!

Phew…. that was a very eventful 2016.

I know everyone wants to dwell on 2016 being the “worst year ever” but I can’t agree. I mean, we welcomed our second little princess to our family. That in itself makes it an amazing year. We’ve been blessed with health, success at work, and amazing family and friends.

*currently living in my happy bubble*


all four of us (semi) looking at the camera AND SMILING? it’s a freaking new year’s miracle.

We celebrated last night at our friend’s parent’s annual Hanukkah party. I was a little sad that my latkes were so naked without a dollop of beautiful sour cream on top. Dang you dairy free diet. It was still delicious.

We left around 10 when Palmer was literally losing her mind from being overtired. She immediately passed out in the car. We quickly changed into sweatpants, popped a bottle of champagne, and hung out on the couch watching Ted until fireworks starting going off and we realized it was a couple minutes after midnight. Completely missed the countdown. Oops.


Cheers to a new year. Despite what you may or may not like going on, make it a good one! Focus on what you can control. Life is too short to complain about things you can’t change.



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