Emmeline – Five Months


I’m trying to get ahead of myself this month and actually post *on time*. Shocking.

Things have been crazy around our house. Holidays. Erin traveling. Me losing my damn mind trying to take care of 2 girls and a house.

I’ve gone through a lot of emotions in the last couple weeks. Things have been awesome. I’ve wanted to go back to work. I’ve wanted to be left alone. I’ve wanted to hold the girls close and just snuggle. Motherhood is freaking tough. Palmer has some molars cutting through so that has been fun. Emmeline has been going through something for the past week… lots of crying. Palmer must have gone through something similar and I just blocked it out. Had I remembered, I’m not sure I would have opted to go through it again.

My hair is falling out like crazy (thank you pp hair loss). I’m trying to do 100 things at once and, unfortunately, not completing any of them. I need to learn to relax, prioritize, and complete tasks. I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically, but somehow surviving.


In good news, Emmeline looks like she’s putting on weight! She’s not super chunky or anything but I can see chub where chub was lacking before so that is super good news for us. We started solids a couple weeks ago (more about that in a separate post) and I think it’s definitely helping. She’s super interested in foods. It was my goal to wait until 5.5 months until introducing additional solids, especially because she already has an allergy, but I’m not sure she’ll make it the extra two weeks! Girlfriend wants to eat everything we are eating. We are using DF formula to mix with the solids. I really don’t want to pump and it’s unlikely I would be able to get anything when Emma is eating every two hours still. She doesn’t seem to have an issue with it and I’d rather use any milk I do pump for possible bottles.

It’s crazy how different each child is with their developments/likes/dislikes. Palmer wasn’t super interested in toys but Emma LOVES them, specifically crinkly toys. She has a little book that we attached to her carseat that keeps her entertained. She also has little little crinkle bug rattle that instantly makes her happy. She also loves playing with our faces. She would spend hours just grabbing at our faces and screaming if she could. She’s a crazy little thing.

Sleep still sucks. I think we are trying to get used to the fact that she is going to wake 2-3x a night. I don’t know if that’s because of her weight or something. It’s real annoying though. She’s eating 6-8x a day, usually the latter recently. Did I mention I am exhausted? That’s what it’s probably from. We are still holding out on switching her to her own room. I don’t want to have to deal with getting up multiple times to nurse her. I’m also terrified to sleep train her. I have a feeling it will be as easy as potty training Palmer… and we all know how much fun it was to potty train a child who isn’t exactly ready.

Monthly Update

Weight: 11 lbs, 6 oz (at home measurement)

Length: 23.75 (at home measurement)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: 3 mo onesies/pants (waist is still super huge), 6 mo jammies (3 mo were too short!)

Health: Pretty good! Feeding is under control and she’s gaining so that’s awesome. I noticed she has a little bit of cradle cap and some eczema. We also might have a couple teeth popping through the bottom soon so we’ll see! I think that might be making her a little crazy.

Sleep: Never.

Diet: 6-8 feedings a day. We aren’t cluster feeding at night now that we introduced rice cereal, she’s going down after a quick milk snack.

Baby Gear Love: Crinkle books, a little sun/star light thing, crinkle bug.

Loves: Playing with Palmer, tummy time, playing with toys, playing with our faces

Dislikes: Getting hungry, when her headband covers her eyes, growing, teething.

Milestones: Sitting Up! Started rice cereal!

Looking forward to: A tooth (or two) popping through soon.

Things I want to Remember: That little smile…



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