Introducing Solids at 4.5 Months


A lot of times, parenting is just watching for signs of readiness. Those signs of readiness don’t always line up with recommendations of the AAP or WHO or the santimommies of the world so it can be nerve-wracking to decide if you should go with your gut or just hold off. I mean “they” just changed their stance on introducing peanut butter and it should be introduced between 4 months, 3 days, 2 hours and 5 months, 13 days, 16 hours, or you’re kid will forever be banished to the nut free table from now until eternity. (Just kidding… but you should probably check out for yourself the recommendations for introducing peanuts to babies)

Our pediatrician likes to introduce some solids (cereals) to babies starting at 4 months if they have trouble gaining weight or have reflux. I think sometimes that goes hand-in-hand, like in Palmer & Emmeline’s case. We didn’t really introduce them until closer to 5.5 months for Palmer because she just didn’t get it and really hated the process. Emmeline on the other hand, LOVES cereal and is surprisingly good at getting it all in her mouth. I think introducing solids is all about if you, your family, and, most importantly, YOUR INFANT is ready to try solids. It shouldn’t be forced.

So going back a little bit, Emmeline is such a skinny freaking kid. Even though she’s eats a lot, I’ve been concerned about her putting on the weight she needs. Also, she’s ravenous at night. I was nursing her for 2 straight hours, alternating boobs, and it was exhausting. We finally decided we were going to try and offer it to her. If she didn’t like it or take to it, that’s okay… we could postpone it like we did Palmer. Emmeline was like a little baby bird, gulping down all the food. It was a success from the start.


We originally mixed it with breastmilk because I had some that I pumped in the fridge; however, that’s extremely uncommon because I try and pump as little as possible. I freaking hate pumping. After that ran out, I tried thawing out some but we decided to just try the formula we were given from our pediatrician. It’s Nutramigen. I don’t know anything about formula but this kind is dairy free so it shouldn’t irritate Emma’s little body. So I started been making 2 oz of formula and using 1 oz to mix with cereal. She ate it all up every time (and this is after BFing). We’ve upped it using 1.5 oz and mixing with cereal and she destroys that too. We also BF afterwards because she’s the hungriest child I’ve ever met.

We are only doing cereal at night. I plan on introducing solids (and a morning feeding) around 5.5 months (so just a couple weeks away). I’m super excited to start prepping purees. I think I’m going to combine that with some BLW so we’ll see what happens. She doesn’t have any teeth yet so I’m a little nervous about her gumming everything around but I guess Palmer didn’t have teeth until 10 months and she did just fine!

So our plan moving forward is, always, making sure breastfeeding is our primary food. It’ll definitely be an adjustment to add in the solids as she’s still nursing 8x/day but we’ll figure it out.



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