Emmeline – Six Months


I get ahead one month and then fall soooo far behind. To be fair, I was waiting to post something until after Emma’s 6 month checkup (which was last week), then I was being super slow with transferring photos… now here we are. It’s been almost a month and I’m just getting around to this thing.

Six months. Dang. I swear I just had this baby!

The past month has actually been pretty good. She’s been sleeping significantly better, eating, and happy most of the time. I’m sure there were some bad days in there too but I mean, she’s a tiny baby. Sometimes I feel like I expect too much from her.


I kind of touched on the fact that we were introducing solids, which we have, but not much. Her checkup (and dirty diaper check) revealed that she is *finally* clear of blood in her stools. Our pediatrician was blown away that she had no issue. So I was cleared to add back in dairy (WHAT?!) and I can continue to enjoy it as long as she has no issues.

She’s a pretty sweet baby overall. She’s just super needy. I swear I’m having to hold her all the time, which makes it super hard to get anything done in my house. I sometimes just want to sit by myself without a child hanging on me. A mom can dream right?!


Monthly Update

Weight: 12 lbs, 2.75 oz (doctor measurement)

Length: 24.5 (doctor measurement)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: 3 mo onesies/pants (finally somewhat fitting the waistline), 6 mo jammies

Health: Reflux has picked back up so we decided to go back on the Zantac. Some minor GI issues but we’re dealing with it (I need a separate post for our GI appointments)

Sleep: Typically from 9pm-4am; feeding at 4; back asleep from 4:30-6:30.

Diet: Typically 5-6 BM feedings a day, 2 solids (some finger type food and rice cereal at night)

Baby Gear Love: Her high chair from Ikea. She LOVES it.

Loves: Being the cutest baby alive.

Dislikes: Being left alone – SO NEEDY.

Milestones: Eating more solids

Looking forward to: Maybe her being more vocal, not holding my breath on teeth.


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