Emmeline – 7 Months



Y’all… yesterday Emmeline turned seven months and I’m posting *on time*. It’s a Christmas miracle.

So many things this month. First off, we have a crawler! Just a day before she hit 7 months, she took her first couple “steps” forward. Now, she’s moving all around. Her crawl is a little weird. One leg is kind of dragged along and she usually crawls forward a little, then sits. Speaking of sitting, last week she started sitting up on her own! She’s also trying to be a monster, pull up on her own (and sometimes trying to stand from crawling position), and cruise. It’s terrifying.

She’s also eating all sorts of new foods like carrots, pears, broccoli. She can put down some serious food. She gets rice cereal every night and a couple other feedings of fruits/veggies during the day. I feel like we are a little behind where we were with Palmer with introducing stuff but we’ll catch up. I also want to try and give her some puffs and see if we can improve her pincher grasp!

Everyone always comments on how she is the happiest baby, which is super surprising if you went back just a couple months and witnessed the constant crying. Maybe it’s the break of sun after all the rain. Her smile literally brightens up my day.


Monthly Update

Weight: 13 lbs, 6 oz (at home measurement)

Length: 25″ (at home measurement)

Diaper Size: 1 (I’m running out of 1s so I’m going to try a 2 on her to see if I can use those, or if I need to purchase more 1s)

Clothing Size: We are pretty much in a 3/6 mo zone. It really depends on the brand and style. Much like Palmer, I lean towards legging type pants because it fits a little bit better on their baby body. Now that it’s starting to warm up, I can break out all the 6 mo shorts I have from Palmer.

Health: Reflux is improving. She looks like she’s gaining some weight so that’s also positive. No recent reactions to any foods.

Sleep: Just transitioned her to the crib and it’s been pretty good going to bed anywhere between 7-9p and waking between 4-7a. If she gets up around 4, I just feed her and put her back down.

Diet: I’ve noticed her cutting down on nursing sessions during the day and it’s looking we’ve gotten into a groove of 5 a day (most likely because she dropped a MOTN session). We are doing 2-3 solids a day, with some snacks thrown in there if we are eating something she can eat.

Baby Gear Love: Omg… toys. So many toys. She is currently loving on toy keys, the Oball, an elephant teether/squeaky toy, blocks… anything she can get her hands on really.

Loves: Eating paper, crawling around/exploring, Tyson, playing with Palmer

Dislikes: Taking naps, being overtired

Milestones: Sitting herself up, crawling, being the cutest child ever.

Looking forward to: A possible word??! Mama or Dada would be nice 😉



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