I feel like I’ve been so disconnected from life lately, well or maybe just in the thick of it. Have I mentioned how hard managing two kids is??!

Note to self: If you ever decide that a third child is a possibility, RE-READ THIS BLOG. 

I haven’t had a chance to really share about my little baby turned toddler then full grown adult. Maybe one of these days I’ll have a minute to really get into all the changes I’ve noticed but for right now, I wanted to share this amazing thing that happened lately: she is using some manners!

That’s right. A while back, we started forcing her to use full sentences before we would give her something. Example: If she wanted a string cheese, she needs to say, “Please can I have a string cheese”. Easy enough right? Well, it was a long process.

I’m proud to say that she has mastered it, and is currently schooling us in how to kindly ask for what we want (or what we don’t want). Anytime she’s holding something and “thinks” we want it, she’ll say, “Do you want —-? Say please.” And then makes us ask for the item, even if we don’t want it.

Another cute little thing that Palmer does is that every night at dinner, Erin asks her if she likes her food. Then he tells her, “make sure you tell Mommy thank you.” It’s always followed with a loud, “THANK YOU MOMMY!” It’s precious. I’ve never appreciated it more than last night when I was super stressed on my own as Erin is traveling right now.

We were running behind on our evening routine. It was after 7 and I was trying to put something together for dinner. I decided to cook up some turkey kielbasa. I quickly realized I didn’t have anything else to put on the side that would be quick so I asked Palmer if she wanted some strawberries. Of course she said yes. Fruit all day, erryday. So Palmer enjoyed a well-rounded meal of turkey kielbasa and strawberries. I felt ashamed and disappointed as I prepared her plate. What kind of meal was this? Welp, Palmer dove right in and my heart began to melt as she practically shouted from the rooftops, “YUMMY, YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! This is so delicious, Mommy. Thank you so much for this food.” Although still slightly embarrassed by the lazy meal I had prepared, I realized she didn’t care. She ate the whole plate and not a single crumb hit the floor (a true miracle in our home… especially when Palmer is sitting in her high chair).

For as incredibly crazy she is bouncing off the walls and throwing major tantrums every day, there are moments like this that remind me that *sometimes* we’re doing *something* right.


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