Our Annual Ducky Photo Tradition


We started doing these adorable ducky photos with Palmer when she was 5 or 6 months old. She couldn’t even sit up in the photos and hated tummy time so much that the only other option we had for posing her was plopping her down like a dead fish and sprinkling some quackers around her.


We’ve come a long way since those days. Palmer was super excited to see the ducks. She was communicating to them in their language, “quack, quack,” as we approached them. Emmeline lost her mind for a second but quickly recovered after she felt the ducks soft little feathers. She was then super comfortable with the ducklings… maybe a little too comfortable. I think one little ducky’s life flashed before it’s eyes as Emmeline had it in a pretty serious choke hold. Thankfully, the photographer had an awesome duck handler who quickly intervened and removed said duck from the situation.


Palmer and Emmeline weren’t the best models together. Neither was interested in looking at the camera. Em wanted to look at the ducks the entire time. Palmer wanted to stop photo shooting and just dance on the ground. Things came to a screeching halt when in the middle of Palmer and Emma’s shots, a duck pooped on Palmer… and she was not having it. She could not (and still has not to this day) gotten over the fact that a duck pooped on her pants. We cleaned her up and tried to resume shooting but the damage had been done. Palmer was literally side eyeing the baby ducks for the remainder of the session.

Even now, when she sees a duck in a book or photo or whatever, she said, “Ew. Duck poops. The duck pooped on my pants.”

This will be something she’ll discuss with her therapist years from now.


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