Easter Madness


I’m literally nursing an Easter hangover today. So. Much. Easter-ing.

By some sort of miracle, the girls are both napping at the same time, so instead of getting some sleep myself (believe me… I’ll regret this decision later), I decided to update this poor little blog that has received no love, time, or attention from me lately. Sorry ’bout it.

It was around this time of year 3 years ago that we found out we were expecting Palmer, and just one year ago, found out we were adding a little sister to our crew. Crazy how quickly family members add up.



So, back to our crazy Easter. I was up late the night before making turtle pie and prepping for Easter morning. I didn’t get to bed until after 1:30. Then we were hit with 2 MOTN feedings (2:30 & 5:30). Erin took the girls so I could get a little extra sleep because I can only assume that I looked like something from the Walking Dead. I woke up and quickly got ready as Erin’s parents and brother were coming over for a little Easter egg hunt and breakfast at our house. Erin hid the baskets and eggs in the yard before bringing Palmer out to the living room. She was so patient waiting for everyone to arrive, just peeking out the window and creating a plan of attack to collect all those eggs.

The girls were starting to break down and it was obvious they needed a nap before the afternoon festivities began so we put them down. Palmer had a solid nap, Emmeline… hmm… not so much.


After everyone (Palmer) woke up, we got ready. I suddenly realized Emmeline turned 8 months so I quickly got everything together to take her 8-month shots. In retrospect, I could have done it today but meh…. she was all dressed up so it was fine. It actually worked out pretty well because we were able to capture a really cute family shot.

Then we set out for Easter lunch. It was nice catching up with everyone. Palmer had a good time putting on a show, like always. Lots of dance moves and telling jokes. “Do you want to hear a joke?? Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Thanks Bubble Guppies.

After dessert, we headed out to Erin’s aunt’s new (ish) house. It was originally their Erin’s cousin’s house and they just bought it from him so we had obviously been there before but it definitely had a different feel with their stuff in it. They have a nice deck out back so the girls could move around without having to really helicopter around them, which was nice. They set up an Easter egg hunt and basket for each of the girls. Palmer is an egg hunting machine. Leave no egg behind. She found them all and enjoyed the rewards of puffs and goldfish inside. Palmer had a chance to FaceTime with her second cousin (is that right?), Nami, in Seattle and her Great-Great-Aunt (is that right?!) Mary, in Illinois. More showing off dance moves.

The day had really come full circle because Erin and I both looked like zombies. We quickly realized we overdid it. Emmeline had not really napped all day. I mean, she slept for 20 minutes on the way to Easter lunch and then 20 minutes on the way to Erin’s aunt’s house so by the end of the night, we had officially lost her. Palmer was bouncing off the walls, a sign that she is going to crash shortly, so we had to call it a night. We headed home, Emmeline still screaming and Palmer passed out as we drove back to the house. Palmer went down instantly and Emmeline finally chilled out once she ate some cereal. I think she was having tummy problems so after some gripe water, I think she was on her way to a better mood. I asked that she allow us a solid night’s sleep and she smiled. Then I nursed her and put her down and she was out pretty quickly. Then Erin and I crashed into a deep sleep. Emmeline let us both sleep in until 4something! Thank you little baby.



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