Bunnies in the Wild


I totally thought I shared this…. but I am just now realizing that I didn’t.

A few weeks ago I wanted to take pictures of the girls playing in the wildflowers since everything is blooming. Unfortunately my allergies had other plans. I have been a ball of sniffles, congestion, and sneezing. It’s difficult to go outside for even a small amount of time so venturing out to take pictures of the girls while I can’t even open my eyes wasn’t going to happen.

Next best thing? Well… apparently it happened to be our overgrown backyard. Erin cleaned it all up this weekend so it no longer looks like this but for a period of time, it did. [insert super embarrassed emoji here]

I looked in the backyard and the lighting was gorgeous so I ran out there with the girls and a couple pairs of bunny ears to try and capture something cute. I think they look precious. They weren’t really in the mood to take pictures but oh well. Sour faces it is.



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