My Side Hustle

Hello!!! I know. It’s been a billion years. Emmeline is like a full on grown up. Palmer is practically graduating high school and getting married. Life has been crazy to say the least. Don’t worry… I’m not popping by for a baby announcement or anything. Right now I’m just focusing on a new baby of sorts, my side hustle.

So I mentioned forever ago that I was working on a special project that I was super excited to share but then never really went back to it. Yeah… that’s it lol

Almost a year ago, I decided I wanted to start a business focused on kids goods. I didn’t know quite what that was or what it looked like but I had one product in mind that I was super excited about. It was actually a baby calendar. In the last month or so before Emmeline arrived, I poured all my creative juices into this calendar and saved it all onto my hard drive, where it still sits today. Maybe I’ll use it someday but for now, I’m thankful for that process because it led me to here, and gave me a tiny bit of courage to start something for myself.

As I’ve already made this story longer than I needed to, I’m super excited to share my business that I started a few months ago: Shop Prickly Pair. I launched it on Etsy but hope to move over to its own website later on. The shop offers specialty kids items like play tents, pennants, hair bows, bibdanas, and whatever else fits into my wheelhouse of crafty projects.

So no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or gotten pregnant with twins. I’m here just crafting away, trying to build a little empire in my dining area.







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