I feel like I’ve been so disconnected from life lately, well or maybe just in the thick of it. Have I mentioned how hard managing two kids is??!

Note to self: If you ever decide that a third child is a possibility, RE-READ THIS BLOG. 

I haven’t had a chance to really share about my little baby turned toddler then full grown adult. Maybe one of these days I’ll have a minute to really get into all the changes I’ve noticed but for right now, I wanted to share this amazing thing that happened lately: she is using some manners!

That’s right. A while back, we started forcing her to use full sentences before we would give her something. Example: If she wanted a string cheese, she needs to say, “Please can I have a string cheese”. Easy enough right? Well, it was a long process.

I’m proud to say that she has mastered it, and is currently schooling us in how to kindly ask for what we want (or what we don’t want). Anytime she’s holding something and “thinks” we want it, she’ll say, “Do you want —-? Say please.” And then makes us ask for the item, even if we don’t want it.

Another cute little thing that Palmer does is that every night at dinner, Erin asks her if she likes her food. Then he tells her, “make sure you tell Mommy thank you.” It’s always followed with a loud, “THANK YOU MOMMY!” It’s precious. I’ve never appreciated it more than last night when I was super stressed on my own as Erin is traveling right now.

We were running behind on our evening routine. It was after 7 and I was trying to put something together for dinner. I decided to cook up some turkey kielbasa. I quickly realized I didn’t have anything else to put on the side that would be quick so I asked Palmer if she wanted some strawberries. Of course she said yes. Fruit all day, erryday. So Palmer enjoyed a well-rounded meal of turkey kielbasa and strawberries. I felt ashamed and disappointed as I prepared her plate. What kind of meal was this? Welp, Palmer dove right in and my heart began to melt as she practically shouted from the rooftops, “YUMMY, YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! This is so delicious, Mommy. Thank you so much for this food.” Although still slightly embarrassed by the lazy meal I had prepared, I realized she didn’t care. She ate the whole plate and not a single crumb hit the floor (a true miracle in our home… especially when Palmer is sitting in her high chair).

For as incredibly crazy she is bouncing off the walls and throwing major tantrums every day, there are moments like this that remind me that *sometimes* we’re doing *something* right.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hope everyone is having a fun St. Patricks Day!

We celebrated a little early at Erin’s parents house with a corned beef and cabbage dinner on Wednesday. It was DELICIOUS.

Erin took off the day today and we met up with a friend and her two little boys at this sort of sketchy park called Enchanted Island. I was a little nervous because the park isn’t in the greatest area but it actually wasn’t that bad. We bought an unlimited ride pass and Palmer got to enjoy a bunch of fun (sort of scary) rides. Their safety was questionable. The carousel went so fast that we had to hold onto the girls for dear life. The train was super fun though! We didn’t stay too long because, well, toddlers and heat don’t mix. Palmer passed out the minute she got into her carseat.

BTW… 2 posts today? Who am I??


Emmeline – 7 Months



Y’all… yesterday Emmeline turned seven months and I’m posting *on time*. It’s a Christmas miracle.

So many things this month. First off, we have a crawler! Just a day before she hit 7 months, she took her first couple “steps” forward. Now, she’s moving all around. Her crawl is a little weird. One leg is kind of dragged along and she usually crawls forward a little, then sits. Speaking of sitting, last week she started sitting up on her own! She’s also trying to be a monster, pull up on her own (and sometimes trying to stand from crawling position), and cruise. It’s terrifying.

She’s also eating all sorts of new foods like carrots, pears, broccoli. She can put down some serious food. She gets rice cereal every night and a couple other feedings of fruits/veggies during the day. I feel like we are a little behind where we were with Palmer with introducing stuff but we’ll catch up. I also want to try and give her some puffs and see if we can improve her pincher grasp!

Everyone always comments on how she is the happiest baby, which is super surprising if you went back just a couple months and witnessed the constant crying. Maybe it’s the break of sun after all the rain. Her smile literally brightens up my day.


Monthly Update

Weight: 13 lbs, 6 oz (at home measurement)

Length: 25″ (at home measurement)

Diaper Size: 1 (I’m running out of 1s so I’m going to try a 2 on her to see if I can use those, or if I need to purchase more 1s)

Clothing Size: We are pretty much in a 3/6 mo zone. It really depends on the brand and style. Much like Palmer, I lean towards legging type pants because it fits a little bit better on their baby body. Now that it’s starting to warm up, I can break out all the 6 mo shorts I have from Palmer.

Health: Reflux is improving. She looks like she’s gaining some weight so that’s also positive. No recent reactions to any foods.

Sleep: Just transitioned her to the crib and it’s been pretty good going to bed anywhere between 7-9p and waking between 4-7a. If she gets up around 4, I just feed her and put her back down.

Diet: I’ve noticed her cutting down on nursing sessions during the day and it’s looking we’ve gotten into a groove of 5 a day (most likely because she dropped a MOTN session). We are doing 2-3 solids a day, with some snacks thrown in there if we are eating something she can eat.

Baby Gear Love: Omg… toys. So many toys. She is currently loving on toy keys, the Oball, an elephant teether/squeaky toy, blocks… anything she can get her hands on really.

Loves: Eating paper, crawling around/exploring, Tyson, playing with Palmer

Dislikes: Taking naps, being overtired

Milestones: Sitting herself up, crawling, being the cutest child ever.

Looking forward to: A possible word??! Mama or Dada would be nice 😉


Let’s Play Summer

It’s been hot here… like really freaking hot. Low to mid 90s all week hot.

So because it’s been like a ball of fire outside, we decided to have a little fun in the sun with some sprinklers, baby pool, adorable bathing suits, and a ton of sunscreen (these children are translucent).

Palmer had the time of her life. She kept telling Erin, “Dad!! Let’s play summer!!” She loved splashing in the pool and drawing with chalk. Emmeline enjoyed being pushed in the swing and just being adorable in her bathing suit.




Emmeline – Six Months


I get ahead one month and then fall soooo far behind. To be fair, I was waiting to post something until after Emma’s 6 month checkup (which was last week), then I was being super slow with transferring photos… now here we are. It’s been almost a month and I’m just getting around to this thing.

Six months. Dang. I swear I just had this baby!

The past month has actually been pretty good. She’s been sleeping significantly better, eating, and happy most of the time. I’m sure there were some bad days in there too but I mean, she’s a tiny baby. Sometimes I feel like I expect too much from her.


I kind of touched on the fact that we were introducing solids, which we have, but not much. Her checkup (and dirty diaper check) revealed that she is *finally* clear of blood in her stools. Our pediatrician was blown away that she had no issue. So I was cleared to add back in dairy (WHAT?!) and I can continue to enjoy it as long as she has no issues.

She’s a pretty sweet baby overall. She’s just super needy. I swear I’m having to hold her all the time, which makes it super hard to get anything done in my house. I sometimes just want to sit by myself without a child hanging on me. A mom can dream right?!


Monthly Update

Weight: 12 lbs, 2.75 oz (doctor measurement)

Length: 24.5 (doctor measurement)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: 3 mo onesies/pants (finally somewhat fitting the waistline), 6 mo jammies

Health: Reflux has picked back up so we decided to go back on the Zantac. Some minor GI issues but we’re dealing with it (I need a separate post for our GI appointments)

Sleep: Typically from 9pm-4am; feeding at 4; back asleep from 4:30-6:30.

Diet: Typically 5-6 BM feedings a day, 2 solids (some finger type food and rice cereal at night)

Baby Gear Love: Her high chair from Ikea. She LOVES it.

Loves: Being the cutest baby alive.

Dislikes: Being left alone – SO NEEDY.

Milestones: Eating more solids

Looking forward to: Maybe her being more vocal, not holding my breath on teeth.

Introducing Solids at 4.5 Months


A lot of times, parenting is just watching for signs of readiness. Those signs of readiness don’t always line up with recommendations of the AAP or WHO or the santimommies of the world so it can be nerve-wracking to decide if you should go with your gut or just hold off. I mean “they” just changed their stance on introducing peanut butter and it should be introduced between 4 months, 3 days, 2 hours and 5 months, 13 days, 16 hours, or you’re kid will forever be banished to the nut free table from now until eternity. (Just kidding… but you should probably check out for yourself the recommendations for introducing peanuts to babies)

Our pediatrician likes to introduce some solids (cereals) to babies starting at 4 months if they have trouble gaining weight or have reflux. I think sometimes that goes hand-in-hand, like in Palmer & Emmeline’s case. We didn’t really introduce them until closer to 5.5 months for Palmer because she just didn’t get it and really hated the process. Emmeline on the other hand, LOVES cereal and is surprisingly good at getting it all in her mouth. I think introducing solids is all about if you, your family, and, most importantly, YOUR INFANT is ready to try solids. It shouldn’t be forced.

So going back a little bit, Emmeline is such a skinny freaking kid. Even though she’s eats a lot, I’ve been concerned about her putting on the weight she needs. Also, she’s ravenous at night. I was nursing her for 2 straight hours, alternating boobs, and it was exhausting. We finally decided we were going to try and offer it to her. If she didn’t like it or take to it, that’s okay… we could postpone it like we did Palmer. Emmeline was like a little baby bird, gulping down all the food. It was a success from the start.


We originally mixed it with breastmilk because I had some that I pumped in the fridge; however, that’s extremely uncommon because I try and pump as little as possible. I freaking hate pumping. After that ran out, I tried thawing out some but we decided to just try the formula we were given from our pediatrician. It’s Nutramigen. I don’t know anything about formula but this kind is dairy free so it shouldn’t irritate Emma’s little body. So I started been making 2 oz of formula and using 1 oz to mix with cereal. She ate it all up every time (and this is after BFing). We’ve upped it using 1.5 oz and mixing with cereal and she destroys that too. We also BF afterwards because she’s the hungriest child I’ve ever met.

We are only doing cereal at night. I plan on introducing solids (and a morning feeding) around 5.5 months (so just a couple weeks away). I’m super excited to start prepping purees. I think I’m going to combine that with some BLW so we’ll see what happens. She doesn’t have any teeth yet so I’m a little nervous about her gumming everything around but I guess Palmer didn’t have teeth until 10 months and she did just fine!

So our plan moving forward is, always, making sure breastfeeding is our primary food. It’ll definitely be an adjustment to add in the solids as she’s still nursing 8x/day but we’ll figure it out.