Project Nursery Update

Like I mentioned, I’ve been a mad woman this week. I originally thought I would just pick up some adorable stuff from Etsy but somehow got a huge bout of confidence and decided to take on these projects on my own. So here we are… crafting again.


Unlike my last experience with crafting, I’ve been busting things out like crazy and not completely losing my mind… I’m LOVING them. I made some dreamcatchers, a mobile, a floral letter, the hamper, and covered a lamp shade. The lamp shade is a true Pinterest fail though. It looks awesome but I’m a total bonehead and thought the ugly pattern/color wouldn’t show through if I painted it…. WRONG. So I’m going back to the drawing board on it. My MIL suggested I use duct tape on the inside to basically block out the pattern so I will probably try that.



still waiting to be stained but almost complete

I am totally proud of all the DIY stuff I have had a chance to do in this room. I would have never had the chance to do this during my last pregnancy. It just makes me realize how much happier I am now.

I also got in a lot of cute stuff last week. The rug arrived and it’s PERFECT! I also picked up this adorable canvas print from Hobby Lobby that matches everything perfectly. It’s going above the crib and I feel like it pulls in the colors of the covered toy chests.



Oh and I found free watercolor printables from A Designer At Home that ended up being perfect for the room! I signed up for her eblasts (which is awesome because she does adorable work anyway) and boom, free printables. I just resized them for the frame size and ordered the prints from Vistaprint. For less than $40, I have two awesome frames with adorable little prints inside.

I still have a lot of items on my list but I feel like the room is really getting there.


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